Mamuyayaw ‘Ta: Hiligaynon Cuss Words

Nov 6, 2013 by

Choose your favorite cuss word and use them responsibly. (photo from

Choose your favorite cuss word and use them responsibly. (photo from

Cuss words are rooted in our language sensibilities in all aspects imaginable. It has become so embedded in our thoughts & words that not a day goes by without saying (or thinking) one cuss word — at least to a really regular, normal person. And as always, there will always be an exception. The Hiligaynon language is rich in its diverse expressive functions particularly with the use of cuss words or locally termed as pamuyayaw. Psychology dictates that the use of cuss words vary depending on purpose, but it is generally blurted out when someone is in an extreme emotion: whether too happy or too angry or too scared or too frustrated or whatever. In fact, some of us who are in the act of procreation would also employ some expressions found herein (guilty people, raise your hand). So out of boredom, I have collected a few words that I commonly hear and use in case of emergency. Please
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be reminded that this article is not for the faint of hearts and if you think your child below 18 has possible inclinations towards getting access to this specific blog, might as well warn them. Feel free to add something you think I might have missed. Linte/Linti (damn) Lilintian Lintek/Lintik Lintchekan Litsugas Lintukan/Lilintukan Yudiputa (hijo de puta) Yudipuga Puga Puta Yudipokpok Yudiplongking Dipokpok Pucha Puchek Bilatsing (cunt of…) Bilatibay Bilaysing Bilang-bilang Bilangguan Yuta (fuck) Yuta Yot/Iyot Yok Yors Yugs/Yogs Yowts Bigatlan (itchy bitch) Bigatot Biga-on Bighalan Bigs Bigatling Bigang-bigang Bigars-bigars Alpot (whore) Kaplog Ikratan Igat Kaps Kapling Nakatlan Katlan Now, why don’t you use some of these words in a sentence?    

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  1. Elessar

    These too:

    diputa (shortened)

    hihi :)

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