Maki Bento Ka Ba?

Jul 3, 2011 by

The good thing about Japanese food is that you don’t feel you have overeaten despite having chomped up on all things raw. I like raw. Raw is zen. Zen is Japanese. I like.

That’s why when MAKI JAPANESE RESTAURANT came up with this idea of Bento-Bento Buffet, I keep bringing my happy-eating-friends there to experience good Japanese food. The Bento Bento Buffet isĀ ingeniousĀ and you must try it if you have not already. And if you have, there is one very important announcement that you should know:

MAKI launches its Bento Bento Buffet HAPPY HOUR!

From P245, Happy Hour cuts the bento buffet to P122.25! You gotta be crazy not to go and take advantage of this crazy offer that doesn’t happen too often on Japanese food! This Happy Hour is from Mondays to Fridays, 11 AM – 2 PM and 5 PM – 7 PM. This is going to be until August 30 only. Japanese food is best enjoyed with wonderful company, so go text or call your friends and hit Maki Restaurant at Smallville Complex. Go!

Maki Restaurant is at Smallville Complex. Call (033) 321-3885 for reservations. (photo courtesy of

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