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Through the funding by the Commission on Higher Education, a documentary film has been made by Kevin Piamonte + Emmanuel Lerona + Ruperto Quitag, all from the University of the Philippines Visayas’ Division of Humanities. Showing on March 7, 2018 (UP Auditorium), & March 14, 2018 (Pidlaoan Hall, UPV Miagao).


Here’s what Kevin Piamonte has to say about the film:

Lugta ke Tamama or “Land of God” is how the IPs of Boracay call their home. It is where they used to freely roam. Primarily the documentary film about the IPs in Boracay will be made for the IPs. They will be the main beneficiaries of the film so that their plight, their constant challenges that borders on human basic needs will be given emphasis.

The project is a call-to-attention for the general public who would usually think of Boracay as one of the most beautiful coastal domains in Western Visayas without realizing that there is history of IPs residing in the island. They are in fact the original settlers of Boracay and currently due to massive developments in the island, they have been marginalized and worst, discriminated in the land they call their home. In the core of the documentary is the education of the IPs in Boracay.  

When we think that education is empowerment, there is a struggle for the IPs to achieve this goal that further complicates their situation. Struggling for home and education compounded with losing their culture due marginalization, this practically creates a visually disturbing image that could erase the IPs in Boracay by the leisure and pleasures of might be whimsical vacations and coercive commercialization. This is the impact that we hope to achieve with this video documentary. We want to disseminate information to the general public and engage them.

With this impact, we hope to push the project with an advocacy to protect the IPs in Boracay.


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