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Oct 10, 2012 by

Spare Google your search issues especially if you’re looking for something as random as this breadshop in Pavia, this barber house in Antique, a canteen in Kalibo or a photocopier center in Roxas. GUESS WHAT?! We all got it in Panay Directory!

This is yet another breakthrough in the local online search engines that everyone in Panay and everyone visiting a place in Panay can enjoy. With the launching of Panay Directory, we provide you with what the yellow pages can give without having to actually look for the old school yellow pages. Panay Directory is right at your fingertips: online. With your searches, you get addresses, numbers and a brief business description and its category. Panay Directory is your ultimate companion in search for products or services you just might need whenever you are here, be it Iloilo, Antique, Capiz or Aklan provinces.

We are currently on soft opening, but do check out our initial database of businesses found in Panay island. Panay Directory hopes that your life becomes easier when looking for something you need. Let us know your thoughts! Go visit Panay Directory here.

Panay Directory

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  1. Great job, nice site this will boost up tourism in PANAY.. Congrats!!

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