Like normal blogsites, we do get glitches too.

Apr 4, 2014 by

Much as we wish to have a magnetic-field that would enable to fight off viruses that destroy some of our settings, we too can be victims of online mayhem. So for a while, we had to look into the technical security of our account causing us to be unable to post new and exciting blabs for about 2 weeks.


And for that here’s a nice new pic of mine to bring you back some sunshine.

Photo courtesy of Ilych Mana-ay. #boracay2014

Photo courtesy of Ilych Mana-ay. #boracay2014

Ha-ha-ha! Vanity at its best. You know, I still love Boracay no matter what kind of weird things people have written about it. So my kids from the UPV Hublag Dance Company decided to celebrate our sem-ender in the paradise island — to the kids’ ultimate delight. It was one of the best group vacations I’ve ever experienced because my kids are just awesome. I’m not exaggerating. They have manners, they are disciplined (tardiness is a no-no, so call times are strictly observed), they can dance like crazy. They even had a showdown with no less than the Philippine All-Stars who were currently in Boracay for a show called — aptly — The Amazing Show! This features the most gorgeous transsexuals on the planet in a pompous dazzling production numbers lipsynching songs that you would have guessed: Dreamgirls, Priscilla, etc.


I’m brewing a few nice articles in the coming days, so I hope you keep coming back. Nothing controversial, just sheer good news (it’s Lent!).

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