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I remember listening to the music of The CompanY back when I was in high school. My mom has great musical aesthetics that she had to shove up my ears whatever it is that she thought is good music. I hummed and sang the way The CompanY did when I had this teenyweeny voice before puberty murdered my natural soprano (haha).

Little did I know that in the future, I would get to meet a friend who is part of The CompanY, Jay Marquez. These days, their music is still my panacea for a bad day. Whenever I want to feel good, I put The CompanY on and it feels like a friend indeed keeps me company.

For now, I am so fixated to this song Nandito Pa Rin Tayo for so many reasons. It’s a song of celebration for all sorts of things.

You guys should get their new album Lighthearted 2 (and if you don’t have the first one yet, Lighthearted 1, grab a copy now). It features contemporary songs done the way The CompanY knows how. You will love the selection covers for sure.

Happy day means spending some time listening to the music of The CompanY. :-)

In the CompanY of: (L-R) Jay, Cecile, myself, Sweet, Annie and Moi.

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