Lea Salonga’s The Journey So Far

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Lea Salonga’s career as an artist is truly a streak of a series of fortunate events. As she always says, she’s been so lucky to be in the right place at the right time. Not everyone in the showbiz industry will ever be able to achieve that. That’s why Lea is my inspiration. Beyond talent, discipline has propelled her to the highest beacons of the performing arts. She asks us: Why not the world?

In her latest album The Journey So Far, she essays her life in an intimate cabaret performance recorded live at The Cafe Carlyle in New York. Lea says: “We wanted to make this recording something very personal, touching on my life as well as my career. There are songs from my homeland, musical theater, film, and the jazz and pop worlds…this is more than just a recording; it’s a memento, a lasting souvenir of this very special time in my life.” (broadwayworld.com)

In the album, she sings songs that we already know. Except that this time, she sings it her way. The way she understands the song, the way she interprets it and the way she wants us to feel it. The recording quality, though live, is impeccable. You get the actual live feel of the vocals and the accompaniment and you get the chills hearing the crystal-clear timbre of Lea.

The sequence of songs in the album follows her life chronology as a star. Her tracklist includes the following songs:
01. Salamat Salamat Musika
02. My Romance/ Let’s Fall In Love
03. The Sing Medley (Sing A Song/ Tomorrow/ Matchmaker, Matchmaker)
04. I Have Dreamed
05. Too Much For One Heart
06. On My Own
07. Something’s Coming
08. Fallin’/ I Still Believe In Love
09. There’s Nothing I Wouldn’t Do
10. Someone To Watch Over Me
11.Two Words
12. Waray Waray
13. Reflection
14. A Whole New World/ Band Intro
15. There’ll Be Time/ The Journey
16. Your Song/ Someone’s Waiting For You

This album is a wonderful piece of work from our one and only Lea Salonga. Do get a copy and journey with her through time with beautiful songs that will lift your spirits in awe and admiration.

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  1. Georgene Quilaton-Tambiga

    Leah Salonga is an institution. I shall get my own copy of this album and it’ll be a true treasure.

  2. Jay Gerochi

    I love it!

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