Lamesa Grill comes to Iloilo

Apr 20, 2011 by

It’s always a challenge for me to decide where to have lunch especially because at Robinsons, the choices are limited to Hongkong Kitchen (this time with better wait staff) and Mooon Cafe. So having Lamesa Grill here in the city is such a welcome change — even if it meant traveling all the way to SM City and exposing myself to the deadly particles of the angry sun (think Angry Birds).

The ambiance of Lamesa Grill is cozy, comforting and Earthy. I like it. It gives you a feeling of assurance that, hey, even if you’re gonna pay a lot, it’s worth it. At today’s lunch, we were surrounded mostly by BIR employees.

What we had:

Laing Rice: delicious and filling. It is topped with fried pork strips and is mixed with small pork bits with the distinct laing sauce. I love it.

The star of the day: CRISPCHON (Crispy Lechon). This is our favorite when in Manila and we are at Mall of Asia. Here you see the waiter cutting the pritchon into strips and wrapping it in pandan crepe with cucumber and suroy leaves.

Dyaraaan! The finished product! Isn't it lovely?

The remaining bits can be done in another way: fried in chilli garlic! Sarap!

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  1. Andrew

    Hi Bob. You might want to come dine at Lamesa Grilll again with more than 50% off on food and drinks. All purchased vouchers valid til May 2013

    • bobby

      This is a treat I cannot refuse. Will be there in no time. Thanks! =)

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