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Nov 28, 2011 by

The world wants us to die a slow death, so if you haven’t been wondering, the weather system is effed up, political mess makes us want to commit suicide and your Christmas bonus this year is not enough for all the shopping the malls provoke you to make. And I am not even halfway through this litany.

1. The daytime heat is extremely beyond tolerance. I propose a ban on occupations that require people to stay under the heat of the sun: Sikad Drivers, MMDA, Mall Security for Vehicles, Airport Dudes with Dr. Dre-ish headphones, and Gardeners. This is a merciful means of saving lives. They should be replaced with robots and/or remote holograms.

Skin Cancer Insurance, anyone?

2. More and more people are getting into health-conscious endeavors such as running, gym training, yoga, gladiator stuff, etc. The real reason behind this craze vary, but I think it all boils down to the desire for immortality — the concept to remain beautiful and be lusted for by people for generations. To remain. To preserve. To sustain the appetite. Blame it on Edward Cullen.

Let's look like this. Forever.

3. The Christmas lights here in Molo Plaza is wonderful. Visit around 9 PM. Spare yourself from those nasty kids asking for dinner and other things that will make your feel guilty about Christmas. Bring a camera, but take photos without you IN IT. Take photos of inanimate things coz people are sick of seeing you in every freaking photo on your facebook.

Feel the Christmas spirit after 9 PM. Anything before that is... PLAZAesque.

4. Please move on from KC-Piolo breakout fiasco already. Piolo will die denying what he really is, so what’s the point? Besides, he may just really┬ábe straight and enjoys immensely the attention the public is giving him now.

I can hear some girls curse the gods for this creation that they can never have. Bwahaha!

5. Additional monthly expense on my sleeve: Smartbro Pocket Wifi unlimited SIM for P999.00 with 6 months lock-in.

So Sleek I'd like to eat it.

6. Missed my gym training sessions today. Had a series of meetings that resulted to my inability to write a decent blog.

7. Lots of projects. I am not complaining.

8. I need to read a new book. Thanks Morgana for this: Here If You Need Me.

First two chapters: major signs of spirituality.

9. Oh damn. There goes the Piolo-is-gay news again.

10. KC looks much prettier when she has no make up and her face is dripping with tears. She looks more like… A real actress.

Look ma! No Piolo!


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  1. mambeth

    I have always loved Piolo BUT only as an actor. I had never ever had any illusions about what he really is. Perhaps KC thought with her pretty face she could change what no one could. The tears show she failed miserably.

  2. Two thumbs up, Bobby. You made my day complete. Now, Im grinning before going to bed.

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