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I have attempted to post a few blogs right after super typhoon Yolanda left us in shambles, but I couldn’t get myself to feel right about any of it, so I thought I’d let things pass. I was appointed chairman of the Christmas Party celebration of our university and had to literally take out 90% of what we had been working out to do for the event in observance of the historic tragedy. Things had to change and they are inevitable. I cannot complain because the events that unfold after the tragedy are the natural way of things. We behave according to the pulse dictated by nature and the elements around it. Here, in this curated article by Jessica Zafra, she gives us insights about what Yolanda brought us in terms of lessons to learn.

JESSICA ZAFRA | Things we learned from Yolanda

Philippine life makes so much more sense to us in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda. Elections really are a matter of life and death, and not just because the goons of the opposing parties are shooting at each other. Your choice of local government officials can literally keep you alive.

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