Jessica Zafra: The Alternate Meanings of Innocent Words

Mar 11, 2012 by


So the whole news world was up in arms recently because of this newscast referring to Barack and Michelle Obama “fisting” each other in the White House, the speaker blissfully unaware of the unsettling slang definition of the term. And while we can all laugh at that lady and her obliviousness, the truth is there are all sorts of everyday words that, in the right crowd, will draw the same muffled laughter as the fisting gaffe up there. Such as…

6 Everyday Words With Disturbing Alternate Meanings

We would add:

1. Bati. Tagalog for “greet”, “reconcile after a quarrel”, “beat eggs with a whisk”. And “masturbate”. My druid: “When people have an argument, I never say, Magbati na kayo.

2. Top. Gay men, explain to the heteros.

3. Bottom. See #2.

4. Bayo. Tagalog for “grind with a pestle”. Also a popular clothing brand. And Tagalog for “masturbate”.

5. Remember that ad, “Chupa Chups: the pleasure of sucking”?

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