Jessica Zafra: Not just in the Philippines

Mar 6, 2012 by

When a Hollywood actor appearing on David Letterman’s talk show a few days ago recounted his brush with airport personnel “in the Philippines”, the reaction from Filipinos was swift and vehement.

1. Some wrung their hands in embarrassment and called the incident “another black eye” for the Philippines.

1.1. We’re inclined to believe the worst about our people.

1.1.1. Since the story involved petty corruption and no one doubts that corruption is rampant, they assumed that the story did happen in the Philippines.

1.1.2. Expressing outrage is a way of saying “We’re not all like them.” They’re not like us. Who’s Filipino then – them or us?

1.1.3. Their readiness to believe the worst is not surprising when every day brings new reports of official corruption.

Read the full article here.

This is Taylor Kitsch.

Here’s the video with David Letterman on Taylor Kitsch’s airport delay incident:

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