Jann Galino on Pinoy Comics and The Future of Iloilo Comic Con Inc.

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The first Iloilo Comic Con last December 2 was a big hit. No doubt. And with that, we decided to do an interview with one of the brains behind the successful event. He’s no other than Mr. Jann Galino, a very talented Ilonggo comics artist and a digital painter. He’s also the CEO/Founder of Comics Park Productions.

Thank you Jann for this interview. As always, it is our pleasure to feature talented Ilonggos in our website. Rest assured that MyIloilo.net will support your future events and endeavors. Cheers!

Jann Galino at ICCON

Jann Galino

When did you realize you wanted to be a comic artist?

I was a graduate of a 2D Animation scholarship when I left my regular job as a teacher in a maritime university here in Iloilo and ventured to Manila for an animation job. During my first Komikon visit at the UP Bahay Ng Alumni, I met the veteran and respected komiks artist Danny Acuña and introduced me to some of the respected men in the industry. These men and their works brought back my interest in komiks which has long gone and I considered shifting my career as comic book artist!

Danny Acuna - Iloilo Comic Con

Danny Acuña

What were your earlier influences in terms of comic art appreciation?

I was a collector of Funny Komiks and Bata Batuta Komiks when I was young. My father usually buys me a copy each every week. I was hooked up with the art of Combatron, Tomas En Kulas, Planet Op Di Eyps, Cybernaut and Kickfighter. I was also amazed with Ninja, Halimaw and other local komiks. It was mid-90’s when my father bought me a copy of Justice League of America and blown away by its art. Since then I started collecting international comics bought for only 50 pesos from, then, Filbars comic book shop located in Harrison Plaza, Pasay City. And my interest has strengthened when I finally discovered that many Filipino artists, at that time, were already doing comics to the likes of Whilce Portacio and Edgar Tadeo.

It was in mid-2000 when I get my eyes laid on the works of now Filipino comic book stars Carlo Pagulayan, Leinil Yu, Stephen Segovia, Harvey Tolibao and komiks veterans, Danny Acuña, Rico Rival, Jun Lofamia, Ernie Patricio, Steve Gan, Nestor Malgapo and many others. It’s funny, though, that these brilliant artists became my friends, as well. Their art has become a huge influence in my style not to mention few comics superstars like Joe Madureira, Bryan Hitch, Ivan Reis, Frank Frazetta and many more.

Who among the local comic artists do you admire most?

I admire lots of them. Leinil Yu has this intricate way of doing human figures, Carlo Pagulayan has this strict implementation of human anatomy, Stephen Segovia has this skill of bringing dynamic panels and action scenes on every pages, Harvey Tolibao always does an artistic and stylized artworks and Rico Rival always amazes me with his exceptional compositions.

Do you get support from your family in this endeavor?

My family has been very supportive ever since. My father, who happens to be an artist as well, is my number one supporter, buying me art materials and letting me draw whenever I want since I was a child. My mother and sisters are also there for me all the time to support my endeavors. I have an awesome family, I can’t ask for more!

Jann Galino

Jann with his family

How do you work? Do you wait for an inspiration to come? Do you need to be secluded somewhere quiet to start an artistic process?

Inspiration is very important to stimulate my creativity. When I want to get inspired and motivated I usually browse my comic book collections or watch art videos on YouTube. But nothing can defeat deadlines, they always keep me motivated. lol

How did you discover about fellow Ilonggos who share the same interest as yours in comic art?

I met my brilliant and talented Ilonggo artist friends when during “Dimbox” era (PGMA-TESDA 1st batch of 2D Assistant Animator course, night class). They are the best Ilonggo artist friends I have met. Though some of them left and went abroad there are still few who stayed and remained connected with each other, other members became part of Iloilo Comic Con, Inc. group who passionately helped us making this first ever Iloilo Comic Con possible.

Tell us something more about the comics community in Iloilo. How progressive are we compared to other regions such as Manila or Cebu?

Though, at first, I thought that comics are not that big here, I was wrong! Flock of comics’ enthusiasts, including those who came from Bacolod, overwhelmed the event last December 2. Well, of course, Manila has already established its modern komiks followers but the fans in Cebu are almost the same as we have seen here in Iloilo. Overall, we are heading to a much bigger comics community in our native land.

Is there an on-going campaign to expand your reach in terms of getting more members?

We will be opening our membership registration as early as the first quarter of 2013. For those who want to be part of our group, keep updated by visiting our website at www.iloilocomiccon.org or Facebook page at Facebook.com/IloiloComicCon.

What are the short-term and long-term plans of Iloilo Comic Con, Inc.?

We want to extend and broaden our advocacy in Filipino Komiks here in Western Visayas. Our plan is to organize more komiks related events and make ICCON bigger annually. Reviving Filipino Komiks is not that hard now, we have seen the crowd, and we witness the revived interests of fellow Ilonggos in bringing back komiks to our land. With the help of technology (internet, smartphones, etc.), Filipino Komiks will rapidly grow back.

As a group, Do you get support from the Iloilo City Government?

We are lucky enough to have a very supportive provincial and city government. We wholeheartedly thank Hon. Arthur Defensor, Sr. for financial aid and our city mayor, Hon. Jed Patrick Mabilog for his presence and for gracing the previous event. We certainly hope that they will continue supporting our future endeavors.

We would like also to extend our biggest gratitude to all the people who supported us in making our first ever event a very successful one. To all our sponsors, co-presentors, affiliates, media partners, exhibitors, artists, cosplayers, staffs, and to all geeks and comics lovers who graced the event and even to those who didn’t make it but extended their support, thank you so very much!


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