It’s Shaking like Shakeys

Jul 13, 2011 by

My earliest memory of earthquake dates back in the year 1986. I was in first grade and I just got home from school. It was raining hard. It was around 4 PM. Then I heard my yaya scream the word earthquake. Then I saw some of the frames on the wall fall off. And the figurines from the shelves drop off and shattered into pieces. It was terrifying. I cried. Those few seconds of shaking felt like years. I clearly remember how quiet the house was right after the shaking and the rumbling stopped. The experience is eerily unforgettable.

At 4.48 AM today, I was shaken off my stiff sleep at the dorm guest room in UP Miagao. I could hear the walls being hauled by the ground where it is planted on. The thought that ran into my mind was, if this gets any stronger, then everything that I’ve been watching on NatGeo might just happen. Then it stopped. I was listening if people outside the hallway would scramble, but I think everyone was also observing, listening, feeling their surroundings.

We are, after all, standing on a not-so-solid ground.

This whole earthquake bruhaha has been preempted. I could have guessed it, if I gave it a shot. I have recently started reading Haruki Murakami’s book, After the Quake (and trust me, the book is an excellent read). It’s a collection of stories about (or related to) the Kobe quake and how it has shook — not only the earth — but the lives of people in Kobe.

Grab your own Murakami now. Before another quake rocks you in your sleep.

When I got back to the city today, I dragged Kevin and Patrick to have pizza with me. I saw this photo outside Shakey’s pizza and it triggered uncontrollable frothing:

When our order came, I heaved a sigh. I hate advertising deception. The photo above is the fantasy pizza. This is real-life:

And halfway through chomping up the god-forsaken pizza, I felt dizzy. I looked around and saw those god-forsaken lamps hanging from the ceiling sway — although subtly. Earthquake. I told my friends. Look, it’s shaking. Look, it’s Shakeys.

What a day. I need a really good massage very soon.

P.S. If I cannot come up with a blog entry from time to time, you are allowed to assume I am relocated in the rolling hills of Miagao. It’s the town where my university is located in and since I have committed myself indefinitely with the dance company where I serve as choreographer, I am compelled to sleep over for late-night rehearsals. The idea of sleeping there deprives me of collecting blog-worthy stories unless you find it entertaining for me to rant about the food and our sad means of transportation. For now, I serve.

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  1. Jo Andrew Torlao

    HAHA! expectancy violations :))

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