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For a regular mall-goer in Iloilo, one would wonder what goes beyond the second level of SM City Iloilo. The escalator that leads to the area seems to look sleek from the outside, and is populated by young urban professionals. I enter.

The signage welcomed me to TeleTech Iloilo. It wasn’t my first time in TeleTech, but this would be the first time that I get to see their office spaces and work stations. I was excited because it had been a while since I actually stepped inside a call center environment, and having worked for one a few years ago brings back some wonderful memories of my call center work stint.

The spacious lobby of TeleTech at the 3rd level of SM City Iloilo

The spacious lobby of TeleTech at the 3rd level of SM City Iloilo

The receiving area for TeleTech applicants.

The receiving area for TeleTech applicants.

My friend took me on a tour of TeleTech and it was a truly wonderful experience. The general ambiance of TeleTech from the moment you enter the office doors was that of a vibrant and welcoming feel. Bright, happy colors help TeleTech employees carry on with their tasks with positivity. I was toured inside TeleTech’s recruitment and training rooms complete with state-of-the-art facilities, and ample space to beat. I learned that their recruitment expands at a high rate and trainings continuously take place at TeleTech. As a Business Process Outsourcing company, TeleTech prides itself that every time a customer interacts with TeleTech, it is an opportunity to build long-term value and enhance their customer’s brand. TeleTech believes that by bringing people, processes and technology together, it can happen.

Photo 23-03-2017, 2 14 06 PM

Photo 23-03-2017, 2 14 59 PM

I also had the privilege of taking a peek at TeleTech’s several workstations, and I am astounded at the vastness of this company’s figures: more than 15,000 work stations, over 100,000 square meters of leased space, 19 large delivery centers & 2 recruitment hubs. This makes TeleTech one of the largest BPO companies in the country with a whopping number of over 25,000 employees (and growing!).

I kept on gushing about the statistics shared with me as we continue to visit the different account areas of TeleTech. The floor layout of the different workstations appears like a fun maze, and TeleTech employees move about in a fun frenzy. Looking up at the industrial (but stylish) ceiling I see fun props that have been uniquely designed by the employees themselves. This is TeleTech’s way of ensuring a fun-loving culture among its employees.

Photo 23-03-2017, 2 16 19 PM IMG_9460

Walking through its arched hallway, attractive posters of TeleTech values caught my attention. This is a unique company quality — to actually promote ‘values’ among its partners: do the right thing, reach for amazing, seek first to understand, act as one, live life passionately, and lead everyday. These values definitely define the soul of TeleTech.

TeleTech also reaches out to the Ilonggo community by organizing fun runs for a cause, by doing gift-giving, or by employees converting leave credits to cash donations. And while TeleTech employees preoccupy themselves with charity involvements, they definitely do not forget to have some fun with their summer and year-end parties as well as their annual town hall meeting.






TeleTech is a wonderfully stable and strong BPO company. It is here to stay and I am definitely vouching for its commitment and promise in delivering only the best to its clients, its employees and the community.

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