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Aug 30, 2014 by

This may be a late post, but it’s worth posting nevertheless.

Last August 16th, I was invited by the Marketing bigwigs of the newest addition to the crowning glory of Iloilo’s rapid developments to speak about Iloilo: The Injap Tower Hotel. Dubbed as the Highest building in Western Visayas, with 21 stories to boot, the hotel stands tall at the heart of Iloilo offering anyone in the vicinity to get a glorious glimpse of the Iloilo Cityscape — both within or outside the building. It’s an Ilonggo symbol of success, so to speak, as Injap himself would attest speaking of his own humble Ilonggo beginnings.

In a unique marketing approach of Injap Tower Hotel (managed by Hotel 101 chains), the management brought together a roster of top bloggers from all over the country to experience Iloilo. They were given an extensive tour of the city, its neighboring towns, binge on authentic Ilonggo food, see the sites beyond what the internet has to offer, and be the first to enjoy the Injap Tower Hotel experience. I was honored to be the keynote speaker of the bloggers’ dinner socials at the Horizon Cafe at the 21st floor of Injap Tower Hotel. I gave the bloggers an insider’s view of Iloilo and the Ilonggo in particular. It was a fun 30-minute presentation of mostly tips how to be one with the Ilonggo psyche.

Kudos to the men and women behind the BLOG THE CITY OF LOVE event of INJAP TOWER HOTEL by HOTEL 101! Cheers to a fruitful year ahead!


With the management team of Injap Tower Hotel.

With the management team of Injap Tower Hotel.




This is a sponsored blog courtesy of Injap Tower Hotel by Hotel 101

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