I’m still here.

Jun 19, 2017 by

This photo was taken at approximately 5:15 PM today:




And this photo was taken in 1983:



My point is, there is one thing that is constant:

I’m still cute. 


My last blog post was made a few months back and it was a commissioned write up. I love commissioned write ups. I love how people trust me and my credibility and I love how I still hold a good amount of influence online. Many of you might wonder what made me lay low on blogging. Here’s what:


1. Been busy adulting.

2. Been busy with work.

3. Been busy with my art.

4. Been busy. Period.


Truth be told, I partly lost faith in blogging. I mean, it consumes my energy — literally and figuratively. And after a few gallons of coffee and ensaymadas at Nicolettes with friends, I realized I must write about good things only. No more rants. No more pseudo angsty teenage drama. No more patriotic shit. No more political innuendos.

Just pretty things.

Like nice people.

And funny people.

And wonderful movies.

And awesome food.

And partly about beauty pageants.

(And horrible customer service — but promise I’ll be kinder).


So I’m going to blog more regularly again. And I hope that some of you will rekindle our past love-hate relationship online and read me again. I have greater ideas now. I have fresher thoughts on things. I have deeper insights about love and relationships. I have started to believe in fortune telling. Imagine the magnitude of my personal improvement. You must take advantage of all that I have to share, to be honest.

Here’s to a shining new era of Myiloilo!


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