Ilonggos March Against Pork Barrel

Aug 26, 2013 by

I’m not new to rallies and protests. Having come from a university where freedom of expression is second skin, I am accustomed to passionate displays of dissatisfaction from the most serious to the most mundane.

Today marks a significant milestone in the long history of nation-wide protests in the Philippines. Through publicity via the social media (particularly Facebook), Filipinos all over the country came together for a gesture to call for the abolition of the Pork Barrel. Using the holiday of August 26th celebrating National Heroes Day, the mass movement is deemed significant for the remembrance of our ancestors who had been instrumental to our freedom.

In Iloilo, the mass protest was held at the Iloilo Provincial Capitol ground. I was fired up to be part of the rally because personally, I am enraged by the reports published by the Commission on Audit (COA) regarding the ghost projects with illegitimate Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) amounting to more or less P10 Billion. I feel horrible because while I pay my taxes with hopes that this honesty and diligence would make our lives in this country better, a few talented grim-reapers are out to stash us off the money we have earned in blood and sweat. We are run by very powerful people who are there specifically to steal. And we cannot forever sit still.

The rally participants in Iloilo were made up mostly of middle to higher class citizens, students, businessmen, artists, religious leaders, government employees, and a lot more. They all came to show their support in the call for renewed governance & to end corruption. It is everyone’s hope that our voices be heard by those whose conscience rule more than their selfish desires and are in the position that they have earned through public trust.

We Ilonggos continue our fight against corruption together with every single Filipino who pays proper taxes and who deserves a good & honest government. If our present elected leaders throw a blind eye on what has transpired today, maybe we should consider a more emphasized message. We might as well go for revolution.

Million People March (Iloilo City Contingent). Photo credit: Gus Banusing

Million People March (Iloilo City Contingent). Photo credit: Gus Banusing

With my fellow rallyists (L-R) Yen de Felipe, Hannah Pison & Pauline Banusing

With my fellow rallyists (L-R) Yen de Felipe, Hannah Pison & Pauline Banusing



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