Iloilo’s Exciting New Additions

Aug 28, 2012 by

Like a phoenix that rises from a long, deep slumber, Iloilo City roars once again to an exciting promise of progress in the next 2-3 years. Slow as it may seem, but at least we are seeing something happening. Something tangible. Something concrete. Not some rubbish lot of promises that vanish into thin air as soon as campaign period ends. I do not intend to write a political blog, but hats off to this current administration led by Jed Mabilog for pursuing what seemed to be gargantuan ambitions of the past.

Today we boast of several new additions to Iloilo’s “public face”. These are crucial elements to a progressive urban community: in advertising lingo, it’s what we would call branding or packaging. Without it, we are nothing but an island embellished with random structures with no exact definition. A city’s public face can be seen through its edifices, emblems, significant objects (that critics would call as nonsensical representations of vanity). I wonder why these critics and some crab-thinking people don’t get it, when in truth they have traveled so intensively and have seen how cities like Singapore, Taipei, Tokyo among others, have created a massive subconscious about their cities through packaging. Of course, we do not set aside the core make-up of any city’s success  — excellent governance, strictly implemented laws, jobs, continuous education, and its people’s strong sense of regionalism. These have to come together for us to be a full-grown  urban jungle ready to spew great balls of fire.

A fellow blogger, Mark Segador (who is an excellent Ilonggo Virtual Ambassador) comes up with a list of Metro Iloilo Developments. With his permission, I am asking you to kindly redirect this link to his page so you can see the exciting line-up of recent developments in Iloilo City. Please take time to click on this link:

Iloilo I LOVE: Metro Iloilo Development Updates: The Roll Call

The 1925 Serafin Villanueva at Calle Real corner Arsenal Street (photo by Mark Segador)

The Iloilo Esplanade (photo by Mark Segador)



  1. Connie

    WOWOWWOWEeeeew ! Amazing NEW Calle Real…loved it !

    • admin

      And they’re working on another building yet again as part of the rehabilitation plan. I am most excited!

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