Cosplayfest 2014 in Iloilo City by MAGE Inc.

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Do you know what’s happening at SM CITY Iloilo on SEPTEMBER 20, 2014?


From last year's successful Cosplayfest!

From last year’s successful Cosplayfest!

A year after the hugely successful Cosplayfest 2013,  MAGE, Inc. is proud to present to you this year’s installment of the premier Cosplay competition in the Cosplay Capital of the Philippines, Iloilo City: Cosplayfest 2014!

The event is going to be one of the highlights of the 3-Day SALE at SM CITY ILOILO on September 20, 2014.

Cosplayers from Iloilo and Western Visayas are invited to witness this year’s event and join these activities:

Cosplay Checkers – a game of checkers but with cosplayers as the pieces!

Cosplay Yonkoma Contest – cosplayers submit four-panel comics using their cosplay photographs. The format is based on a popular type of Manga called a Yonkoma. Entries must be in JPEG format, not larger than 2MB. Submit your entries at

Sketch me, gaka-san (Mr. Artist) – open to anyone who wants to be sketched by our MAGE, Inc. Anime artists for an affordable fee.

Facepalm-the-Music – two pre-selected contestants will try to be the first to guess the title of the music played onstage. What makes this different from other music-guessing games is that the “buzzer” is a person (an official event volunteer who is fully aware of the nature of the game) where the contestants have to be the first to “tap the buzzer” by palming the volunteer’s face as soon as they recognize the music. The human buzzer then points to the contestant who they believe tapped them first.

Cosplay Hero Contest – contestants will be assigned to two categories: Kosupure (Cloth) Cosplay and Mecha (Armor) Cosplay. Contestants will ramp and will be judged according to their stage presence, character impersonation, and intelligence during the Q&A portion.

Cosplayfest 2013 Mecha Hero Jan Pauline Umbao

Interested cosplayers can register to the events on Mage website.

COSPLAYFEST 2014 is a production of MAGE, Inc. and its partners, SM City Iloilo, Mavericks Web Solutions Co., and Panay News Philippines, Inc.

BIG prizes await the winners! Register NOW!

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