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Tarsier photo from Wikimedia Commons

Dear Friends,

My balikbayan daughter Erika, my youngest son Michael, and myself went on an exciting trip to Bohol recently. Of course, we were excited to see the Philippine Tarsier! The teeny animal, as big as one’s fist, is so delightful but so shy (or frightened). The guides said there were “over a thousand visitors a day” coming by.

During our trip, a tourist was almost jamming his SLR camera into the poor creature’s face. His kid was shaking the tree where the Tarsier was perched even when the poor thing crouched in fear. We kept telling them to stop shaking the tree and not to shove the camera into the Tarsier’s face but they just kept giggling with delight and ignored us. (The forest guides just stood by.)

I guess the tourists didn’t understand English? And that the guy didn’t know how to use a long lens?

Why are tourists allowed to come so near the Tarsiers? In Sydney, there is a roped-off distance between the super cute Koalas and the visitors.

Please can anyone send a copy of this letter to the Secretary of Tourism?

The Philippine Tarsiers gives birth only once a year and they are so stressed, they are committing suicide! Read the article below and you too will be alarmed.

Thanks a lot!
Edi Koch Arroyo

Tourism threatens tiny Philippine primate

(This article was lifted from http://www.jessicarulestheuniverse.com/)

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