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Growing up with a father who was an architect, my exposure to cartooning came early in my childhood. My dad was a great cartoonist, as far as I can remember. He had fabulous sketches and caricatures mostly about basketball. He had such talent he convinced me to start drawing myself. Later however, our ancestral home in Negros Occidental caught fire and with its ashes went the collection of precious drawings my father had.

Recently, my dormant interest in comics and cartooning came back to life with the first Iloilo Comic Con held at Robinsons Place Iloilo last December 02. It was an event that gathered Comics artists and enthusiasts all over Iloilo with a clear intention of meeting some of the Comic industries icons: Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Gerry Alanguilan, Danny Acuña, Art Geroche, Mico Suayan, Herbert-Khan Michael, Manix Abrera, Carlo Vergara and Ric Isiderio. The event was a potpourri of activities that catered to the comic fans’ interests, of course. I was personally excited about meeting the legendary Filipino comic artists and having interacted with some of them at the event, I must say that this kind of convergence should be done again soon.

The ICONS that came to Iloilo Comic Con. (Not in order on photo, but here are the names: Carlo Pagulayan, Stephen Segovia, Gerry Alanguilan, Danny Acuña, Art Geroche, Mico Suayan, Herbert-Khan Michael, Manix Abrera, Carlo Vergara and Ric Isiderio) — photo taken from the Iloilo Comic Con, Inc website.

What’s really interesting about the event is that it highlighted the impact of Pop Culture not only for the young generation but the metamorphosis of the old school creators of comics; from the manual or mano-mano frame-by-frame sketching to the emergence of tablets and electronic sketchpads available as applications, we were taken into the exciting world of comic-creation. The unsuspecting spectators who came to the event were given the chance to see the immense talents of these artists — albeit the lack of mainstream media exposure. That’s why I felt positive about the growing niche of comics fans and artists in Iloilo because really, it’s an entirely interesting culture that does not only espouse an avenue for one’s art but allowing culture (such as local folklores embedded into comic stories as seen in the comic series SINDA by Jann Galino, Arnold Fuentes, Stephen Villarante, M Reyes, JP Chua and Gras) to be propagated in a unique platform such as the comics.

Iloilo Comic Con 2012 - MyIloilo.net

Screaming with POP — the Iloilo Comic Con stage at Robinsons Place Iloilo.

Iloilo Comic Con 2012 - My Iloilo

Iloilo Comic Con souvenir items on sale too.

Iloilo Comic Con 2012 - My Iloilo

Anime and Manga Fans, as well as Cosplayers came to celebrate altogether.

Iloilo Comic Con 2012 - MyIloilo.net

Ice-Rigs were in full-dsiplay showcasing some of the sleekest gaming PCs I have ever seen.

Iloilo Comic Con 2012 - My Iloilo

Comics, comics and more comics!

I’m sure many of you out there are interested in finding out about the different activities organized by Iloilo Comic Con, Inc., so here’s a link that will lead you straight to their super pop website. Click here.

Kudos to the organizers of the first Iloilo Comic Con, led by the Iloilo Comic Con, Inc. Myiloilo.net wish to personally thank Jann Galino of Iloilo Comic Con, Inc. for braving this endeavor and deserving a round of applause for the successful event.


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