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ICONOPOP has been birthed the second time around as this year’s Commencement Concert for the UP Visayas graduates of 2011. The first staging was done in Miagao Cultural Hall (that one with major financial limitations, technical poverty, and heaps of fun). A special performance was also done at Robinsons Place Iloilo (and I admit it was one helluva failed performance: extreme adjustment on stage space, absence of ample lighting that is considered as a major element for a ‘pop dance performance’, and a set of underexposed performers who found performing in a mall very intimidating).

Considering all the factors experienced in the earlier staging of ICONOPOP, I swore to myself I will do everything to repackage the show and make it a masterpiece. And it happened. And I didn’t do it alone. I owe the success of ICONOPOP to so many people and this blog is mostly dedicated to them. My gratitude.

Success did not come easy for our dance company, UPV Hublag Dance Company. At around 3 PM on the day of the concert, the entire city lost electricity. Panic crept especially when I was told that the power plant failed. The electric company could not give a definite word on what time they could bring back power. By 6 PM, the supposed show time, we were running the stage warmers with a low-voltage generator. After discussing the options with our technical team, they told me they could not use all the lights we set up, nor the audience speakers because it would burn the generator down. At this time, any smart producer of a show could have rented a high-powered gen-set already, but we are talking about UP. The idea of renting a gen-set that could run all the tech requirements would kill our administrators on the spot they’d rather we cancel the show. Myopia.

We announced to the audience that we would start the show at 6.30 in hopes that the power would be back. By 6.30, we asked the audience to come closer to the stage, explaining about the very low light conditions. We decided to go on with the show. but just before the opening multimedia rolled, the power came back to life. The hall roared with people’s relief.

The show flowed beautifully. The costumes were fantastic. The technicals ran as rehearsed. The dancers morphed into the stars that I wanted them to be. It was sheer magic seeing my kids take on the show like pros.It happened because we have all worked so hard for it and all the pain went away after hearing the roaring applause of people and the joy that the performance was at par. We have redeemed ourselves. And I would love to do something like this (or bigger) again. And again. And again.

(photographs courtesy of GC Castro and Jonathan Jurilla)

The opening tableaux on-board Madonna's superdance hits

Michael Jackson's BEAT IT routine


Our guest performer, PAULINE CORDERO-DINGCONG doing the It's All Coming Back routine by Celine Dion

Hublag Dance Company alumni members, Elaine Mae Deanon and Jose Ruel Garcia (both from Manila) came back to perform a routine by Beyonce, LISTEN

Two of Hublag's founding members, Darius Montano and Shai Jison (both also from Manila) perform Beyonce's ONE NIGHT ONLY.

ICONOPOP's costume designer (for Parangal) and Hublag's Associate Choreographer, Florad John Gonzales in Michael Jackson's SHE'S OUT OF MY LIFE

A parody of Beyonce's SINGLE LADIES performed by JC Albances, Justin Mesias and another alumni guest, John Irish Aquino

Michael Jackson's THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL as performed by Ilych Mana-ay and John Raymund Macahilas

Hublag Alumni Member, Norry Nepumuceno in Michael Jackson's THE WAY YOU MAKE ME FEEL

Alumni member Kristian Peace Braquis in Madonna's 4 MINUTES

The curtain call of the Alumni Members with Kristel Anne de Leon (4th from left)

Michael Jackson's THRILLER with the company

Curtain Call


  1. Christian de Lima

    aww i miss dancing …

    In Behalh of the UP Baguio Shadows family we congratulate you guys for sharing your talents and inspiring others.

    I hope one day Shadows and UPV Hublag Dance Company can dance together on one major concert… you guys should come up to Baguio when we have a concert… just a thought ..

    Congrats Bob…

    • bobby

      Thanks Christian and thanks UP Baguio Shadows! At one point, we had the honor to have you here in Iloilo and judge the dance competition. Maybe we can do it again one time? =)

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