I will do Madonna on December 10

Nov 22, 2011 by

“Okay, first of all, my kids are doing Madonna. She’s public domain and there’s nothing you can do about it. Secondly, enough with the hair jokes! Obviously you do not look at yourself in the mirror. If Madonna sees you, she’ll think you’re a curse to humankind.”

Cue audience laughter. This is the part of the show when Will Schuester tries to step up against Sue Sylvester who seems to be succeeding in making his life a living hell.

Okay, so this is going to be another Gleeorious blog. So what. Deal with it. This blogger’s the star of the show (well, second to Sue, that is) so might as well let you in to some of the inside stuff that very few would know after all the glitter that we call the — stage.

Gleeorious is about to end and we have approximately 6 shows to beat before the curtain closes. I can already imagine who among the cast members would throw out a major bawl and it is normal in any theatrical production. Bonds have been forged and it’s very hard to just change routines. Once the show ends, the phenomenon known as separation anxiety will depress everyone. In my case, I usually call it death – it’s like experiencing a loved one depart and yes it is depressing.

But we’re still up and about and are gearing up for a Finale worth calling a FINALE. The script has been rewritten specifically for a ONE NIGHT ONLY engagement. Sue Sylvester reaches her peak of evildom and will attempt to confuse New Directions by bringing to McKinley High a bunch of doppelgangers. With this mayhem, new songs will be sung, new dance choreography will be performed. This is one ending you will truly enjoy especially if you have seen the regular run of Gleeorious. You’ll end up standing on your feet and putting on your dancing shoes for a major-major Donna Sheridan fiasco!

You should not even think of coming up with an excuse not to watch the Finale performance of Gleeorious. It’s probably the best Christmas gift you can ever give to yourself this year, and it doesn’t cost as much as getting a Starbucks 2012 planner.

Readers of myiloilo.net who are coming to the show on December 10 at 6:00 PM will get the chance to meet the cast for an after-party on the same day (just before midnight, I promise). Kindly just leave a message on our reply thread at the end of this blog and you will receive a password (privately through text message) from me. This password will be called out at the end of the show (ONSTAGE!!!) after the curtain call. Just show the message you received on your phone that contains the password as proof and – voila! – we party together with the cast of the biggest show in Iloilo! How cool is that?!

Gleeorious is the biggest musical in Iloilo City – bar none. And we thank the thousands and thousands of people who came to watch the show. Thank you.

Kurt and Artie with Puck (standing)


Mercedes with the cheerios

Principal Figgins, Will Schuester and Sue Sylvester


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  1. MicahBalag

    Sir! Excited for the finale! Can I sign up for the password thing? :))

    • bobby

      Hi Micah and Anne Paula! Can you please send us your cellphone numbers? (Your numbers will not be published publicly. We will send you a code for preference.) Thank you! =)

  2. Cool! Looking forward for that event. Excited to meet you all in the party. Your show REALLY INSPIRED every one from all walks of life. Hoping that there will be a part 2 next year. MORE POWER.

  3. Definitely exciting. First time to watch the show, I`m sure everybody will enjoy and have fun. Looking forward to meet you all up close.

  4. Ella

    Hello! Is the afterparty pass still available? thanks!

    • bobby

      Yes it is! Can you please send us your cellphone numbers? (Your numbers will not be published publicly. We will send you a code for preference.) Thank you! =)

  5. Jairah

    i would like to join the after party and meet the casts in person :)))) and UNO! woooh!

  6. jancy repil

    i would like to be there in the after party. :)

  7. Jannah

    i want to join the after party tooo. supaaah!

  8. judah

    eee. i also want to join the after party! should never be left out. XD

  9. jancy

    i would like to join the after party. thank you. :)

  10. bobby

    HELLO EVERYONE! We will only choose two winners who can come and join the Exclusive Gleeorious Cast After-Party, so please kindly leave your cellphone numbers (by posting it here on the comments/reply box — but don’t worry it will not be published) and we will text you the special code. If your code gets chosen, we will announce it after the show’s curtain call. CHEERS everyone! =)

  11. bobby

    Hmmm… Apparently, Jairah, Jancy, Jannah, and Judah have the same exact IP Address reflected on our records. =) Thanks for showing such eagerness, but we cannot grant you anything for this promo for the crime of FLOODING and MULTIPLE IDENTITY CRISIS.


    Thanks though. Effort’s much appreciated.=)

  12. Good day! Do you use Twitter? I’d like to follow you if that would be ok.

    I’m definitely enjoying your blog and look forward to new posts.

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