I want my pandesal back.

Jul 30, 2011 by

I have witnessed the transformation of my stomach. Six years ago, I am a proud owner of ‘pandesal’ abs, thanks to all the dancing that firmed me up like one hell of a stud. I was never watchful of my diet because I have never experienced feeling bloated. Never wore jeans with hip size beyond 29 inches. I was a lean mean. Fast forward to today. I am seeing my

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stomach grow. Its expansion is getting more and more noticed as friends call my attention in varying scandalous ways. They tell me my stomach is getting bigger and bigger. I always reply in the same way: getting old, aren’t I? I’m telling you it ain’t at all funny. As of now I don’t know yet when exactly I can devote my time removing this excess tummy compartment. I dread the thought of ending up like some of my friends who, back in college, were super figures and have turned out to be… you know what I’m driving at. So yeah. It’s a scary thought. I am in this stage of fat tummy acquisition. But I am not letting it happen. I will pay vengeance two weeks from now (a.k.a. lamon holidays). I will pay that personal trainer guy 200 bucks every session just to give me back my pandesal.


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  1. Christian

    ei Bob lets make a short film … i got a working idea

    • bobby

      Quick! Tell me the pitch/storyline ha? We can work something out… basta devote time lang talaga. =) yay!

  2. resy

    you can do it bob!!! :)

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