I Spit On Your Grave

Mar 14, 2011 by

It’s actually a movie. And for those who don’t know, it’s from a 1978 remake of the same title. I watched it today when I woke up as a choice out of three pending films on my shelf: the two others being 300 Days of Night (Part 2) and Primal (It’s Kill or be Killed). I always fancy horror movies because they offer me so many suggestions on what to do in case I decide to get back at the people I hate. Kidding. I like horror movies because I like to scream (eeeek!).

Ze poster.

The movie is a run-of-the-mill thriller with a plot revolving around vengeance and the juiciness of revenge. It’s cult-ish fetishism with a backdrop of some far-flung US counties. This film did have the decency of not stating a yet another sleepy town. But facts suggest it took place in Louisiana. Ha! It stars some second-rate actors who have the ability to make their audience feel they can die anytime soon. This movie is pretty similar to “While She Was Out” starring the Kim Basinger. It’s a victim-turned-killer routine and yes, I enjoyed every moment of the rampage.

Tell you what, the original movie is much better in terms of twistedness. See how much more eccentric they make films in the 70s. This one, I think, has the makings of a B Movie but not quite labeled as such. The title repetition and the trailer voice over are absolute classics. Take a look.

I Spit on your Grave Trailer

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