I got served.

Mar 2, 2011 by

It takes serious meditation and focus for me to switch from Summer-Mode to Work-Mode. I have to constantly remind myself to shift paradigms to the point of literally strapping myself on the bed just to straighten up and absorb the upcoming work-tasks. For the past nine years, I have been successful anyway.

For this school year, I have resolved to becoming a demanding teacher. I asked for very challenging activities and I was less merciful. I think my kindness in the past school years did not bring much good as students think it’s lenience on my part. And their concept of being a good teacher is actually being a difficult teacher. And since I’m pretty much capable of bitching up on everyone, I might as well just do it seriously. SERIOUSLY.

On the first day of class meeting, I had to hold back my laughter when after I entered the room I instantly remarked, “If you have attitude problem like other CMS girls who think they’re ALL THAT, please leave the classroom now or you’re bound to suffer.” No one laughed. Some actually turned pale. And I quipped, “I mean business when I’m in this class, and you have to do what I expect you to do. I don’t have time for your drama. Media is not about you. It’s about following orders and delivering the goods EXCELLENTLY.”

While being a teacher entails responsibilities that almost equal that of a single parent, I think it should not be forgotten that teaching is a profession. Therefore there are some who will survive and some who won’t. My survival technique is being more concerned of myself, so I will base my standards on what I think should be and not what the students THINK they can do. After all, aren’t we all products of our previous teachers’ whims and demands? We are great not because our teachers spoonfed us or pampered us. Our teachers made us suffer, made us do the impossible, and in the end made us realize that yes, it was actually the best way to prepare us for the real world. So look at us now.

In class, I do not allow myself to be disappointed. So serve me.

My CMS 111 class (Basic TV Direction Techniques) before touring Cebu City.

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