How to Survive Your Final Exams

Mar 20, 2012 by

Because I am in the academe, I am inclined to understanding the dynamics of our students in the university. This week is considered hell week for our students because it’s the final exams week. Here are some tips for those students who wish to survive — or ace — their final examinations:

1. Deactivate your Facebook and Twitter accounts for one week. You will not die if you do this and believe me, you will feel extremely liberated after surviving an entire week without the distractions of stupid Magnum Ice Cream photos and Hunger Games countdown. You will be surprised at how productive you can actually be with the absence of Facebook & Twitter.

2. Plot your schedule and stick to it. Do not change your time table because the domino effect will just discourage you to pursue whatever you have already started. Most of all, DO NOT PROCRASTINATE. It’s for the wimps. Do what you must: on the dot.

3. Intense studying should be for a specific number of hours only. Keep a timer beside you and glue your head on your book or notes for not more than 2 hours. Do some interval rest after that. Pee. Drink water. Munch some cheese. Or peanuts for the brain. Check your phone and reply to text messages. Or sing one full song. Then do the next round of reading.

4. Stay away from places with a lot of distractions in sight. Such as your nice, comfy, cozy bed. That DVD player tempting you like a mistress (Open me, I’m ready). That refrigerator full of stuff you’d like to discover. In short, stay away from home. Go some place else you also feel comfortable — but not distracted. I choose Starbucks or Blue Jay Cafe.

5. Cellphones. Silent mode and attend to it during your intervals — once the alarm goes off.

6. Visit this site in case of desperation:

7. If you feel like giving up because you’re so exhausted and you’re so tired and you don’t get to absorb anything anymore, pamper yourself for a while until you have recharged. Get a good massage, a spa, eat your heart out with stuff you have deprived yourself with for sometime now, or have a couple of beers with friends, or sleep. But again, don’t forget you have a timetable to meet, so with this minor adjustment you have to be aware that you need to get back to studying once you feel so much better.

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All the stress and the pressure of studying will be worth it at the end of the day. You will realize you have not wasted any amount of time and sweat and blood that you have invested on studying. Just remember that after all that’s said and done, your hardwork will pay off and you will enjoy the benefits of all the sacrifices in time.

God bless everyone!


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  1. Zaira Faye Subong

    the best! very helpful.. might as well do that in the final exam of my first sem. thank you sir! enjoying reading stuff in your blog..

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