How to Spot a Freshman at UP Visayas

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Every one who went to UP Visayas knows the kind of transformation they had to go through as they age in the campus and slowly embrace the culture of the university that may appear elusive to many aspiring students in the country. It is interesting to see the metamorphosis of these kids because really, aside from pictures as proof of their dermatological improvements, you will notice a unique set of traits especially among the freshmen. Here are some of my observations on how to spot a Freshman Student at UP Visayas:

1.  They have books/notebooks/folders/plastic envelopes held tightly to their chest. This is their subconscious showing how protective they are of these items because as far as UP is concerned, your are still a faceless freshman whose identity is dependent on your student number and Form 5. Losing those papers is equivalent to death.

2. They are usually alone or only in pairs when walking the corridors. They don’t walk in drones and gang-like appearances like the upperclassmen do. A freshman looks around looking scared and reads every single paper posted on the bulletin board. This is a survival tactic in UP: familiarize the area like a navy and be ready for the kill.

3. They greet all old-looking people with respect. They say good morning, good afternoon ma’am/sir, to women who wear padded sleeves or  men who wear slacks and black shoes. And since I’m quite a groovy guy, I always get mistaken as a Manong (a universal title addressed to someone whom you suspect as a person who can offer answers to any contrived question). When these freshmen greet, they also bow a bit like some slaves ready to be whipped. It’s quite cute, actually.

4. They barely wear make up. Only the ones coming from exclusive schools or are natural-born sosyaleras walk around in false eyelashes or gumamela-red lipsticks.

5. They do not laugh at jokes. They are in this stage when they adjust their sense of humor and a UP joke might take time for them to understand. Sometimes, this reaction is misinterpreted by the upperclassmen and would label the freshman as someone with attitude, thus, must be crushed ey-es-ey-pee.

6. When in class, they raise their hands before answering a question. They stand each time they speak.  They take notes of almost everything I say. They try very hard to speak in straight English. They sit properly. Most of all, they’re quiet when I lecture.

7. They are mostly fashion victims.

8. They do not loiter. After class, they go back to the dorms or go to the library. Of course, this is not to say that they’re really interested in staying at the library or sleeping at the dorm. It’s just that they have not been poisoned by the charms of this past time activity called tambay.

9. They do not know where Bentoy’s is, or Omps, or TLRC, or the Chem Department. They also do not know who I am.

10. When I say class dismissed, some of them make the sign of the cross.


I sometimes wish that our students can just remain freshmen forever. Some  of them are better off in so many ways to have remained as freshmen in the university and not grow as monsters with horrible personalities. Sometimes being smart is really not enough.

Some things have changed with age. 2nd Year photo in UPV: with Stevie, Charisse, and Kathy.

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  1. lusay

    oh gosh i can so relate! hahahaha!

  2. I literally laughed out loud reading this post! And I was watching the movie Up at the same time. Imma go nuts!

  3. admin

    Hahaha! Thanks Lusay and John! I based it mostly on my current observations, so most of my batchmates were like, “did we behave like that, really?” LOL

  4. Ging Gumban Dimaano

    Ka relate gid eh! Esp # 5. I didn’t want to be the first to laugh for fear I end up the only one laughing.

    • admin

      Hahaha! And sometimes you don’t know if the teacher is indeed joking. =)

  5. O2-46133

    Hahahahahaha…it is mixed emotions whenever has this throwback thursday and is just posting photos of my up days….i was like that too…hahahahhaahha

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