How to Run Like Kevin

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He was 44 years old when he first decided to try out this First Night Run organized by SM City Iloilo to sound off a midnight sale in 2011. It was one of the first big runs in the city that set the trend in wellness among the Ilonggos. Kevin joined just for the heck of it and almost passed out when he reached the finish line because what did he know about pacing. He ran a relatively crowded 5k category and the kids in slippers beat him for about 20 minutes. It was the dawn of Kevin’s newfound passion in running and his progress is dubbed by many of his running friends as an overnight sensation. At 46 now, Kevin has garnered one second place medal for 15k category and one third place for relay mixed-gender triathlon race. All this time, Kevin didn’t know his body actually contains some serious athletic genes lurking beneath the artist he is known for.

So it isn’t like Kevin just woke up one morning and converted all his body fat into aerodynamic muscles. In the three short years of dedication to running, Kevin has to maintain a regimen not many of us would imagine to survive. He trains like a madman, has cut off ties with our drinking group, invested quite a lot with Adidas and Nike and K-Swiss, embraced the full rigorous demands of an athlete just like the way I had to commit myself as a dancer during my time. It is no joke. So don’t make a mistake of asking Kevin “are you really serious about jogging?” You might end up having a gatorade bottle in your windpipe.

What’s fascinating about Kevin’s passion for running is that he is having so much fun doing it. While I saw him suffer in training, he admits to experiencing a certain nirvana when he can physically achieve new records of strength. As he says, it’s all about listening to his body, getting the rhythm and conquering one’s time. He isn’t preparing himself to be a professional runner like some Kenyans do, but he just wants to test his own physique without uncalculated risks – so Kevin dutifully listens to his trainers and trusts in their expert advice. Eat right, train right, and have a full sleep. These are very simple things and you’re off to an entirely new experience.

Kevin tells me about running as a way of meditation. While you might ask why I haven’t engaged in the same sport, I always tell my wondering friends that I do not have the calling. Maybe not yet, who knows. I see how much Kevin enjoys running and I think he is into this for a really long time. He enjoys the company of his running buddies who come from diverse backgrounds all sharing the same passion: the passion to achieve and the passion to believe in oneself that anything can be possible. Kevin marvels at his own running achievement. He never imagined he would be able to do all these things. Being in running, he says, keeps his mind, body and soul in great shape and it gets him through his day. He keeps his art going but for now, he is in his running element, getting ready for the different running events he has planned to join in this year.

I am sharing Kevin’s running story (in a capsule) hoping to inspire people out there who may think of themselves as “past the time” and would rather be behind their desks doing routine work and are forgetting to take up new challenges, have fun and ultimately conquer a sense of achievement.

Try something new. No matter what your age is.

Kevin's first run ever (the Night Run at SM City Iloilo)

With his teammates for Cobra Ironman in CamSur (L-R: Jay Certeza, Gus Banusing and Kevin)

Getting his first ever 2nd Place Medal for his 15k run (C5 Run)

His winning teammates during the 5i50 Subic Marathon getting 3rd Place for Mixed Gender Relay Categroy (L-R: Kevin, Tingting Villanueva, and Dra Tetchie Lim-Layson). They will also be as one team for the upcoming Ironman in Cebu this August.

Riding in his golden chariot of fire, Kevin is up for the kill -- and this is absolutely not a mid-life crisis or whatever.

Medals all.

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