How to Organize Your 10 Million CDs and DVDs

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Once every 4 years, I get this habit of doing a major task with my things particularly those which require a system of FBI magnitude. A tasking that would require for the use of all the mental and physical skills you have learned in life. This year, I woke up one morning wanting to organize all the CDs and the DVDs¬†in the room. For an artist like me, CDs and DVDs are priceless collection. It’s more precious than children. They are our sources of soul-food and they fire up most of our invisible neurons when need be. So in my 25 years of continuously collecting these mass media items, you can imagine what sort of chaos I have on the shelves.

Let the OCness begin.

1. Disconnect yourself from all forms of social media for at least one day to psyche yourself up for a gargantuan task ahead.

2. Find a corner with enough space where you can temporarily place all the disks for segregation.

3. In that little corner, have the following items ready: dry cloth for wiping off dust, scotch tape for possible casing breaks, price tag stickers for label-numbering and scissors for whatever, and heavy duty bookends to keep your CDs upright while segregating them later.

5. Take out the CDs from everywhere in your room. Check your shelves, your TV cabinets, behind the drawers, etc. Put them out as if you’re a drug enforcer in a buy-bust operation.

6. Group the CDs according to genres. Don’t make your genre-categories too specific. It’ll drive you crazy. Group them in similar tastes according to your understanding. I’m sure if you check proper categories for music online, you’ll end up vomiting trying to analyze the differences between punk, grunge, house, electronica, and speed.¬†

7. Once you’re done segregating, put the price-tag-stickers on the CD’s edge facing where you can see it upon display. This will be for numbering purposes later.

8. Encode the titles/artists on Google Sheet or Word Excel.

9. Sort the titles/artists to alphabetical order.

10. Create a number system to group a particular genre. Say, 101-up for OPM, 201-up for Pop, 301-up for Classical, etc.

11. After sorting the number and alphabetical order of the CDs, write the corresponding number on the price-tag stickers of each CD (this one would require enormous patience).

12. Sequence the CDs (with the help of bookends) according to number.

13. Place them neatly on your shelves and see the beauty of an OC at work!

14. Print out the Sheet/Excel file so you have easy locator access to your CDs.

15. Take a photo of your shelf and post on Facebook or Instagram.

And there it goes! Hard work does pay off! Look at this:

The segregation part. Bloody.

The segregation part. Bloody.

Placement and coding.

Placement and coding.

The finished product. Oh such beauty for an OC.

The finished product. Oh such beauty for an OC.





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