How to be likeable at work without having to be the doormat.

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Dealing with people at work requires a lot of combined life-skills in order for us to survive. That’s why the greenhorns (or the young ones) always suffer the workplace dynamics because they have no idea what to expect. Of course in the past, there’s no way to go up the ladder using short-cuts or the happy-detours to avoid the evil personalities at work. These days, young professionals are lucky to have all sorts of resources (like reading to help them gear-up for the workplace battle. The signs of times.

Here are some of my personal tips on how to live harmoniously with the mix of people at work. I am not 100% likeable (as I have my streaks of diva moments and emotional outbursts that make people hide in their cubes), I can get along well with most co-workers – even those with extreme temperaments. Here’s how:

1. Categorize your officemates based on loyalty, and this should be very clear in your mind. There are those whom you are sincerely friends with, there are those whom you are plain acquaintances with, and there are those whom you treat as mere colleagues.

2. With sincere friends, be honest with your opinions and feelings about random things as this will be reciprocated. Judgment of their sincerity should have been known by this time. In case some personality conflicts are revealed, you need to shift gears and re-categorize the person. Say, to a mere colleague.

3. When co-workers share secrets with you, keep it to yourself. Sometimes, the secrets you spill to other people go through a complex grapevine and it reaches the “involved” parties in a surprising cycle. It’s seldom that they will confront you about it, but you will definitely be a bad shot to their clique and will probably talk behind your back forever.

4. Smile when in a common room with your other co-workers. There are days when we wake up on the wrong side of the bed and smiling is not really the best thing to do. When in this mood, stay away from hanging out in the common area so they will not think you hate being with them.

5. If they’re discussing a topic you disagree with, two things: subtly disagree but carefully choose your words or just don’t comment. Unless you feel like battling it out head on with the other person then go ahead and be Miriam Santiago at once.

6. If you sense their disliking towards you, maintain your indifference and keep smiling. Work very hard and be excellent at what you do because at the end of the day, their envy will eat them from inside and they will smell rotten. And you stay beautiful because . . . hey, you are unaffected!

7. Laugh at their jokes – no matter how silly it is.

8. Listen when they speak. They will feel important and it doesn’t hurt to gather stories or anecdotes from them no matter how useless or annoying. These narratives help in making us very good sociologists.

9. Return a compliment and be generous with it. If you feel good being told “you look fresh today”, they would feel the same way too.

10. If you are soooo tempted to say something bad about someone else at work, unless you are with your closest, truest, sincerest friends, DON’T.

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  1. Bebo

    ….kag nga a gani na nami an gid ko sini ah?especially number 6 and number 7….hay!damu ako na dumduman!nice work,bob!keep in touch!:-)

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