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Kevin Pison Piamonte is very picky with people. He has this thing about sticking it out with true friends through thick and thin and he has come to prove his loyalty to friends – given that those friends are also loyal to him. He has gone lots of extra miles for friends; some are so extreme to the point of having to appear in court just to defend a friend.

But Kevin is not made of simple stuff. We all know that in his veins run the blood of an artist whose lineage is akin to a royal clan. Let us not forget that Kevin is a grandnephew of the National Artist for Music, Jovita Fuentes. Kevin’s family do not deny the fact that aside from the artistic genes that he got from Jovita (and a whole lot of artistic genes from his very own grandmother Socorro, whom Jovita said in her biography was a better singer than she is), Kevin also got a fair share of the artist’s temper.

Some of my fellow actors in theatre can attest to Kevin’s red zone when patience runs out. So how have friends stuck it out with him through all these years? Let me take you in to some very helpful tips:

  1. Do not make him repeat what he has just said. He remembers every single word that comes out of his mouth and it is very dangerous to make it appear he did not say it when actually he did.
  2. Keep your promises. He will not let you know how he felt about you breaking a promise but he will make sure there won’t be a next time.
  3. No matter how many beers you have consumed with him on a weekend night, converse sensibly. It would be best if you converse mostly about RUNNING and TRIATHLON. (This year is an athletic year for Kevin more than a theatre or literary year, so yeah).
  4. Most of the time, he waits for you to say things. He seldom asks questions. If you don’t spill, then he wouldn’t bother.
  5. Make sure you bring him to really good restaurants. If you host lunch or dinner for him and you promise a groundbreaking food experience when in reality the restaurant serves crap, you will never hear the end of it.
  6. Do not pronounce Les Miserables as LESS MISERAB-LESS.
  7. Try not to drop names unless it’s extremely necessary. Or drop a name once. Drop two to three more names and he starts to see you as a major loser.
  8. Make him laugh with real stories. He loves it. In short, mga chismis ang hilig niya.
  9. Do not give him referrals for events, weddings or any project especially if your referral cannot afford properly.
  10. If he invites you to dinner in his house, then he likes you as a friend.

Happy birthday to an epic Ilonggo, Kevin Pison Piamonte. You are an artistic force to reckon with. Cheers and let’s party!


Photo by Paul Chiongson

Photo by Emmanuel Lerona


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  1. Kim Julliane Lim Bondoc

    I am assigned to make a review on short stories and I picked kevin Piamonte’s Old woman of candles. And we’re also assigned to make a short backtround of the author, like a short biography (if this is the right kevin piamonte that I am searching for) can you email me a short background about him. I really hope you could email me before the new years because I have to finish this before the deadline on January 2. I would really appreciate some help because I can’t seem to find any information about this author on the internet. Thank you.

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