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Mar 8, 2013 by

Just when things ran normally and so routinely, I lost my virtual touch particularly in posting blogs for at least a month. It felt like ages, to be honest about it. Here’s a rundown of what transpired in between then and now:

1. GP & Louise wedding – asst organizer; performer; voice over

2. CAS Week (UP Visayas) – chairman; runner; audience; clown

3. Miagao Salakayan – choreographer; artistic director; people custodian

4. Classes – teacher; torture victim

5. Dance Classes – artistic director; torture master

6. HB 3-in-1 Coffee Sessions – oracle; critique; peer counselor


Among many others. Of course, you wouldn’t be able to relate to a lot of them as they’re mostly personal. But I’m telling you I have skipped a few more things. I’d rather we keep this blog wholesome.

After a few weeks, I have realized that not everything can be compressed into stupid tweets with very little reach — as my twitter account is mostly populated by student admirers and student haters. Weighing the odds, I can always redirect my admirers here, and get a whole lot of beef from me and my thoughts that follow me on twitter where most of the time, I rant. And it’s too petty.

So now, I’m back. I’m working out a few video blog introductions so we can reshape the way has been known for. I’d like to step forward and go more animated/physical about my means of sharing my life to all of you. And that’s through video blogging. I hope your connection’s good enough for this, though.

Stay tuned for more beefy blogs/vlogs coming up very soon. This weekend, I’m off to my class’ community immersion in Miagao. Then probably hit off to Bacolod for some good ‘ol food tripping and relaxation. This week had been quite heavy because I actually paid attention to some negativity that came along the way — yknow, these things we really can’t avoid. They’re fun though. Reminds me of the days when things were governed by the fantastic¬†schadenfreude.¬†

See you again very soon, folksies!

Winter Wonderland photo taken in HK for the New Year's Eve 2013

Winter Wonderland photo taken in HK for the New Year’s Eve 2013

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