How it feels to be 33

Aug 9, 2013 by

Trust me, it isn’t such a bad thing.

7 days ago, I turned 33. Lacking the usual pomp and circumstance my previous birthdays used to have, I was in the midst of sweat and muscle of international standards. Thanks to Cobra Ironman 70.3 for holding the international triathlon event on the same weekend as Bobby’s 33rd. How can it ever go wrong?

So now that I am in my certified middle age, I am more perplexed at figuring out what exactly is the difference now from myself 20 years ago. It’s quite a puzzle, really, ‘coz I’m not sure. I feel pretty much the same and I feel even better in some days. But after a few reflections over some bottles of beer, I have come up with a few thoughts:

By age 33, most of the people around you are those who will be with you for a really long time. Friends, family & colleagues. At this age, if you continue to be unlikeable, you’ll probably have very few loyalists during your 33rd celebration. So cherish them like your own personal treasures because they embody the concept of through thick and thin. Gone are the days when we are so concerned about choosing the real friends.

By age 33, you’ll start appreciating having dinner early. And more importantly, you’ll start appreciating going to bed early. All these wellness gigs that you do at 5 in the morning, all the health-related stuff that you read online, all the illnesses you hear about other people almost your age just freak the hell out of you, so might as well act on self-preservation as early as now.

By age 33, the word investment starts to sound relevant to you. It’s quite a bummer to realize that your parents were serious when they were lecturing about the value of savings (among all the many parables of thrift). There’s going to be a minor panic attack when you go to an embassy and they ask you about your bank account and all you have is a percentage of your payroll. Denied.

By age 33, you start getting concerned about taxes. And death.

By age 33, reading The Catcher in the Rye all over again is such a wonderful thing. That listening to People by Babs makes you understand the lyrics better. That movies of Audrey Hepburn are actually life-changing. That Beatles’ songs are truly great. That during your time, pop culture was undoubtedly the best.

By age 33, you start forming the habit of constantly looking at old pictures. Whether on a photo album or on facebook. And you recall so vividly those exact same moment the picture was taken. I guess the guy behind this Throwback Thursday mania is 33 himself.

By age 33, you can tell the difference between beer and wine. Your belly would tell you the following morning.

By age 33, everything that happens seems to have cosmic meaning. You become so interpretive of almost everything. Like, when you get detained for getting into a vehicular accident, you interpret it as being a messiah for something good that would come your way. Or when you get an entire class of mediocre students, you interpret it as a curse for being awarded as outstanding something. Or when you get overcharged for your Globe bill, you interpret it as a sign from God that it’s time to move to Smart.

By age 33, some of the wonderful rewards for all the hard work would slowly start coming in. Be thankful and don’t effin complain.

By age 33, you embrace the truth that love makes the world go round in a really merry way.

You should try being 33 (soon or again).


A very intimate birthday countdown with my Cebu-based Ilonggo friends. Thanks to Bean Olaguer-Diaz for the photo!

A very intimate birthday countdown with my Cebu-based Ilonggo friends. Thanks to Bean Olaguer-Diaz for the photo!


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