How Has Gleeorious Been, So Far?

Oct 10, 2011 by

What theater taught me after 11 years of being in it is that you’re only as good as your last performance. No matter how brilliant your previous work was, but you screw up this new one, you will be remembered as a screw up especially by the audience who sees your performance just now. That’s why there’s a need for a performer to be always on your feet: discipline, focus and passion.

Such is the case for Gleeorious. We are working with actors who do not cease at becoming better each time the curtain rises. It’s inspiring enough to realize that the kids I am working with now are living their life-long dream of being performers — and now it is happening. The experience that Gleeorious is giving everyone in the production team is going to change them forever and it will change them for good.

Gleeorious has completed 7 shows since it opened and is still gearing up for 15 more performances. The curtain will close on December 10th. Each performance is as unique as a snowflake. The audience reactions vary, the applause come in unexpected moments, the synergy of the performers with the crowd is never the same. And although it can drive us crazy from time to time, this is basically the joy of live performance: You will never know what you’re gonna get til it’s there.

We are more than happy to hear praises and feedbacks from our audiences after each show. They run to the stage for photo ops, and Gleeorious have made a few of our actors earn celebrity status. Screaming girls asking for photos and autographs, they get cheered on every time they step onto the stage even without uttering a single line, facebook friend request rise up to hundreds — all strangers — these are all wonderful things not many people get to experience. Of course, we cannot please everybody, so there are times when people would be honest enough to say they didn’t like the show. That’s just how things are. If you get likes, there are also dislikes. And you just have to take it as it is and move on, make the show better, and take a bow with pride and dignity. After all, the view from where we are is still much better than anywhere else in the theater.

Gleeorious is cooking up brand new tracks to replace a few ones. So even if you have seen the show already, there are a few good reasons to watch it again. Besides, there are alternates. You might want to see how the other set does their thing too, don’t ya? The closing night performance will add a completely different story chunk from what we’re doing now, so you better come and watch. Trust me, it’s going to be a great version of Gleeorious.

Here are some photos of our fully-packed shows:

Our Gala performance with Archbisop Angel Lagdameo, DD

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  1. yen

    everyday in every way we’re getting better & better! :) will post pics frm oct 1 and 8 pa..overwhelmed pa ko sa kadamuon hehe

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