Horrible Things Can Happen In A Weekend.

Jul 25, 2011 by

In Norway…

You probably have already heard that at least 92 people are dead in Norway after a sudden and mysterious attack by a facebook junkie whose idea of a wonderful world is writing a manifesto that decries multiculturalism. It’s heavy mental, really, but look what it has done to a group of campers in that beautiful Utoya island. The suspect, Anders Behring Breivik, says he will explain his motives on Monday. While Breivik appears to be a villain straight out of a Hollywood movie, this massacre is a wake up call for all of us: it doesn’t matter where you are or who you are with, but when evil wreaks havoc, our imaginations fall short of the kind of horror it can inflict on us.

The attacker captured on a helicopter camera, goes rampage shooting at point-blank on helpless victims at Utoya Island in Norway.

In Kuwait…

According to Diane Castillejo, the official Azkals correspondent of ABS-CBN, Team Azkals suffered from intense heat when they played against Kuwait yesterday. And although we feel bad, not really for losing the game, but for Kuwait to get 3 goals while our boys get a bit rough in a despair attempt to score. I hope Team Azkals can make it up in their next game.

Here’s an excerpt from Rick Olivares:

“If there was anything that the sobering loss to Kuwait taught us is that we need more experience. And that is something not learned in the span of a week of training camp in Germany or Bahrain. There are no short cuts in sports (one that the Miami Heat can relate to). One must the highest of highs and the lowest of lows before one can build a winner.

I cannot understand why are people all of a sudden upset about the loss? As I was getting ready to leave Kuwait, I heard from fellow media person Dyan Castillejo that the netizens were on bash mode.

I guess they did not know that we were up against a foe who is what – ranked 50 places higher? And that team once made the World Cup in 1982 and repeatedly goes up against top-notch competition.”

Team Azkals in Kuwait (photo by http://bleachersbrew.blogspot.com)

In Iloilo city…

For the first time in my life, I joined a fun run. Along with my drinking buddies Moniq and Cristabel, we had no choice but to skip one Friday Night’s worth of booze at Brewery because Kevin gave it to us as a present during Moniq’s birthday party. We were registered for a 3-Kilometer run organized by UP Visayas for the Foundation Week Anniversary.

We converged at the starting point at 5.30 AM and all hell broke lose when they fired the gun. Oh wait, they didn’t have a gun. It was actually a countdown. So we ran. I did well. But this is not why this item is included in the weekend horrible list.

After the run, there was a commotion. Some professional runners complained that they mistakenly ran with the 5K group. They attributed the mistake to the inaudibility of the sound system which was set up a few feet behind the starting line making it hard for the runners to hear instructions. So the verdict to resolve the problem: make the 3K runners run again. I almost choked on the free hotdog the organizers gave away.

By this time, Moniq and Cristabel left already.

The organizers failed in creating an orderly event due to lack of marshals, the sudden change of route, the lack of route markers, to name a few. These observations did not come from me. As I have said, this was my first run, so these observations come from professional runners who somehow take this sport extremely seriously.

Weekends can be really fun, hey?

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