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Not the Adele song. I’m turning a new leaf (and I have actually said this about 7 times since I turned 30 — so that’s an average of once a year of unkept promises). I want to go back to blogging, but only the good and fun kind. Basically this blog is hard proof of my evolution as a human being — from a teenager full of angst, to a young adult picking all sorts of fight, to a more current ‘tito’ who loves the company of real people. Help me achieve my goal of being trouble-free in the next couple of years.

I’m not your typical blogger who writes about restaurants and shops and malls so I can get freebies. I have a dayjob that pays well, so I’m not tempted to kiss ass to get free lunch. I blog because I want to share my thoughts, my feelings, my opinions, my religion. Which is pretty much none of your business, but I get read anyway. My stats say 5 people from Iceland have been reading my blogs longer than 60 seconds. That’s a feat.

I would like to begin my new leaf with the fact that I just had my haircut.

From this.

From this.

To this.

To this.

Now if you ask me how this will contribute to life, the answer is it won’t.

But for some consolation, a few thousand followers of this blog would probably be delighted that I get to share my weird antics online again. No more hurtful stuff. Just the good ‘ol donut that tastes like melted sugar.

My next article will be a book review. Watch out for it.

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