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Dear Myiloilo Readers,

How are you all? I hope you are all well, enjoying the cooler evenings but despising the horrid day sun. Our region is becoming more like a desert: warm & humid daytime and cool & breezy evenings. We might as well breed camels and grow cacti soon. As for me, I have been in deep mental slumber as I brace myself for an upcoming project. Nothing grand, but I put all my stakes at luck. I mentioned in my previous blog that I’d talk about it once it is finished (or maybe you’d heard about it from some people if you’re good at eavesdropping) so as to avoid some blown-out-of-proportion expectations. I’m just trying to be cool with it, so help me out, ok?

This site will soon be redesigned — not for anything but just to keep the excitement going. With new visuals that are user-friendly and minimalistic, we are positive that myiloilo will keep you coming back. We’re currently working on a few templates but don’t expect too much. The site would basically maintain its core content (which is our ace), with just some embellishments to the overall look. Keeping my fingers crossed in making it happen soonest.

I know I owe you heaps with stories and photos and lots of twisted thoughts on things, but by next week when work have stabilized and I have anchored myself in at least four courses I will be handling this semester, I’ll definitely be back in the grind. I have shelved several stories aside, because time wasn’t really too generous on me. I was

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limited to some micro-blogging, this momentary outlet for people with ADHD called Twitter. Even my facebook streamline do not get as much spice as it used to a month ago. But then, normal as I am, I do get my swings of irrevocable busy-ness. When the wave has subsided, then old things don’t change. Back to some rascal fun again.

For some good news, Myiloilo is involved as one of the media partners in the upcoming ILOILO COMIC CON on December 2. I will be coming up with some juicy coverage about the event. Keep yourselves tuned in, alright? In addition, since Christmas season is in the air once again, we are brewing something nice for all you loyal readers out there for a nasty treat from myiloilo — provided you help us in making our lovely site get even lovelier. Mechanics on Myiloilo’s Starbucks 2013 Planner Giveaway will soon be published, and we are as excited as you are. So keep coming back.

This one,


starbucks 2013 - myiloilo

Yummy stuff coming to you. Starbucks 2013 Planners.

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