Happy Feet Convention

May 21, 2011 by

The dance scene in Iloilo City is a thriving art form that has sustained a good following and patronage among the Ilonggos. In the city alone, there are at least three mainstream dance studios that offer ballet in all levels. Not counting are the school-based dance companies –and I think each school, whether public or private, has its own dance company — that offer an avenue for promising dancers who cannot afford to pay professional training outside their schools.

Since last year, the City Government of Iloilo with the help of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts (NCCA), have organized a Dance Festival for Western Visayas dubbed as Ayre Bayle Serye (“A Dance Series”) featuring all the participating dance companies in Western Visayas. My dance company, The UPV Hublag Dance Company, participated in the first staging of Ayre Bayle Serye and I had the pleasure of taking a bow with Ilonggo dance teachers (some have directly taught me during my younger years, while some are established dance stalwarts of the city). Hopefully, this event will continuously be supported by the agencies and the watching public.

My mentor and friend (who taught me my first ballet lessons), Faith Jordan Javellana.

Ms Nila Claravall-Gonzales. I had the honor to perform with her in 2001 and later on was invited by her dance school to perform in a few of their concerts.

The great Annie Divinagracia-Sartorio. I also had so much pleasure performing with her during a national tour and in the CCP. She has choreographed me so many times and she never fails to amaze me with her technique.

That's me in the middle. (Right) Sol Fernandez choreographed most of the musicals I have performed in and I have learned a great deal of tips in dance and performance in general. (Left) Ms Liberty Porras is the choreographer of Irong Irong Dance Company from West Visayas State University

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