Guimaras: The Next Extreme Sports Destination

Apr 11, 2011 by

Opening the week-long celebration of Manggahan Festival in the island province of Guimaras is the 5k, 10k, and 21k Uphill Half Marathon. The event was a rousing success with more or less 300 runners of all ages racing for the finish line. Congratulations to the Provincial Government of Guimaras! MyIloilo.Net looks forward to the coming years of more sports events that would propel the island province into the next extreme sports destination of the Philippines! I had a brief chitchat with Gino (the guy behind and coming from a professional running events organizer, he said the Guimaras route is one of the most challenging, thanks to all the uphill and downhill combination like no other host province in the country. Personally, I am grateful to Mme Lally Nava (Provincial First Lady of Guimaras) for a very warm accommodation each time we are on the island. It is truly a delight to be in your company (and I must say your home is exquisitely organic — the kind I’d like to have for myself in the future!).

I was in full running outfit, and I did not run. It was just for the sake of being in sync with the event. I took photos of people I know and the team that I came to support: Team Buang. Enough of talking, here are the photos.

The kowtowers also known as the Angry Beers: Ana, Yen, Ivy and Mike figuring out where the runners are. Check out the spelling of OCCASIONS on the roof.

The running Pisons: Tita Rose, Tito Vic, Tito Dodot and Tito Sonny

This time with Roy-Roy and Tito Dicki (right)

The running man going iron soon. Kevin.

We are proudest for our friend Diane (R) who ran 21K! With Paul upon reaching the finish line

The first lady of the Province of Guimaras, Mme Lally congratulating Kevin.

The super athlete Gus Banusing who ran 21K under the banner of my favorite team, TEAM BUANG

Gus, Diane and Kevin. Runners of the Year.

TEAM BUANG!!! Warden, Mike, Paul, Diane, Destee, Kevin and Gus

Manggahan Mascot, the mangga with Ana and Diane.

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  1. Nice meeting you Bob. See you again next year at Guimaras as a runner. :D

    • bobby

      Hey Jinoe! Nice meeting you indeed! Looking forward to having espresso with you again! =) Will try my best to run next time. =)

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