Guest Blogger speaks: “Dirty Ice Cream is Not Dirty”

Feb 21, 2014 by

I love dirty ice cream. I grew up with fond memories of summers in Negros together with my sister and cousins all looking forward to 9:00 AM everyday for that dirty ice cream sikad to pass by the house for our routine midday dose of dirty ice cream. My student in CMS 135, Li Nulada, blogged

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about an elderly couple who made a living out of selling dirty ice cream. Here’s the story.

“Tawag kang iban dirty Ice cream, pero indi tana ja dirty ha. Tinlo tana ja.”

(“Some call it dirty ice cream, but this is not dirty, it’s clean.”) – Manong Roger

Way back seven years ago when Manong Roger and Manang Tessie started this business and just like other small scale entrepreneurs, they needed this to sustain the necessities of their growing family.

But who would have thought that the couple actually started this “Dirty Ice Cream” business out of their research from the internet! It was the social media that helped them establish their way of living. The procedures and ingredients were taken from the web but of course, Manong Roger stressed that one should have a sense of flavor to maintain its savor and to have a different taste from the other existing products.

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Manang Tessie selling ice cream at the Miagao public market sidewalk. (photo by Li Nulada)

Manang Tessie selling ice cream at the Miagao public market sidewalk. (photo by Li Nulada)

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