Green Mangoes, Bad Wasabi & Sikat Academy

Apr 5, 2011 by

I have always associated green mangoes with pregnancy craving. Especially when the green mangoes are paired with bagoong or fish/shrimp paste. Just hearing the words green mangoes and bagoong make me salivate (and so would you). So since I am regularly in Guimaras for a project, I indulged myself in this pica craving.

Are you still there? Or have you gone looking for green mangoes already?

Today, I had lunch at Rai-Rai Ken (Robinsons Iloilo branch). Japanese food is on top of my list when it comes to favorites and it always makes me doubt a jap resto if the prices are affordable. Authentic (or good) Japanese cuisine is expensive. With Rai-Rai Ken, rice toppings (Katsudon, Gyudon, etc) are safe stuff — although the amount of rice is clearly an extender of sorts to make you feel satisfied (but in reality, you’re just having rice overload). Truth is, Japanese food if done right, do not make you feel bloated or even too full. One major issue I have with Rai-Rai Ken: A really bland quality wasabi. It does not have the signature nose-popping sensation. It’s just bitter and annoying. Clearly a low-grade wasabi. Good wasabi is found in Hamada at Plazuela de Iloilo. Their wasabi rocks!

I felt sad for the last remaining Californians. The wasabi made them really bad.

On the other hand, SIKAT ACADEMY (Season 3) officially opened today and I was the first teacher of the day — handling dance. I had a fun time with the kids and I can’t wait to meet my other classes in the coming days.

Postscript: I hope Robinsons Place Iloilo can tighten their mall security and orderliness. We were eating at Rai-Rai Ken today and two kids came up to us asking for money. Not that I don’t want to dole out a few coins, but malls are not supposed to be the place for that. I am also concerned about those kids blocking the cab doors and extort money from you just because they opened the cab door. Can the mall security do something about it?

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