Gone But Not Forgotten

Feb 20, 2012 by

Much has happened the past week and most are good stuff. Kept me away from blogging and the backlogs of stuff to do are

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up-to-neck I’m starting to want to kill myself. But alive I am, yes. And good tidings are up on its way for myiloilo readers. I had work at school for the College of Arts and Sciences Foundation Week (yes, the uni admin trusts me with work), I had to chaperon the kids to Manila for their annual Media Exposure Trip, and this week, it’s the Centennial Year of Iloilo Commercial High School and I’m part of the team working behind the event. Don’t ask me about when vacation will happen because I don’t know. What I know is I’m going to write regularly starting today, though not as comprehensive as it should be because I believe bloggers deserve to have a life too. And it starts with a good chitchat with friends whom I have missed for quite some time now. Boy do I look good here.

Ze Bobby Rodriguez

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