Going Undercover

Feb 14, 2011 by

Prof Swanson during his talk at the UPV MILC

Last February 11th, we at the Division of Humanities at UP Visayas had the honor to host a 3-time Emmy Award-winning documentary writer and director Gary Swanson. He gave an insightful talk on investigative journalism to our Communication and Media Studies students. He showed samples of his students’ works at the Northwestern University (where he is a resident professor of journalism) as well as two of his winning documentaries. One that focused on hotel theft in Vegas where cab drivers and hotel personnel connive with syndicates on ‘who’ to rob in a particular hotel. It earned him an Emmy (which he claimed to be quite a big piece of trophy to be carrying around). His other work which focused on pedophilia and child pornography was another breakthrough in American television and broadcasting. Remember this was was aired in 1984, so the shock and disbelief of the general public about the taboo topic gave his work an unprecedented success. The one hour episode showed the sick world of child pornography and the modus that the predators employ to satisfy their fetishes. That earned Prof. Swanson another Emmy.

Seafood lunch with Prof. Gary Swanson with our colleague Prof. Emmeline Cabalum

UPV students listening to Prof. Swanson's lecture

Prof. Gary Swanson is a winner of 3 Emmy Awards. He is a former producer/writer/director for NBC Television, an award-winning investigative journalist, he covered two Olympic Games (Barcelona and Beijing), and countless TV documentaries in the United States, Africa, China, and South America.

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