The Glors of my childhood.

Sep 6, 2011 by

Back in the time when SM City and Robinsons Malls in Iloilo were not yet considered as national parks for family gatherings or for shopping, we had our little shops lined up at the main thoroughfares in downtown Iloilo. My mom would drag me to buy shoes at Sam’s, buy my sando (with little holes all over it called lu-ab) at Pioneer, buy buttons and other sewing whatnot at Shanghai Bazaar, and get refreshments either from Try Me (with their wonderfully-life-changing eat-all-you-can halo-halo treats) or Glor’s Burger. Remembering all these makes me smile because the simplicity of life back then gave me enough room for my artistic processes and was spared from being eaten up by the craziness of the modern world.

Glor’s Hamburger & Broadway Cafe has been in operation since 1974. Truly, this nice little corner has been a part of my childhood memory. It was always full of customers especially after a box-office movie at the Cinema Theater where I watched Tagalog movies doubled with some Chinese Kung Fu B-movies. Yesterday I had the chance to revisit Glor’s Hamburger after doing some costume and accessories shopping for our show, Gleeorious. After years of not having visited Glor’s, the ambience transported me back in time. And it was wonderful.

Glor’s Hamburger & Broadway Cafe is owned by Jean Tabanao Andrews who is based in New York. This explains why she has all sorts of Broadway show posters and playbills. The posters and playbills are neatly framed and hanged on the cafe walls with the novelty of its stars’ autographs. I went a bit crazy when I saw Lea Salonga’s autograph for Jean. Got even crazier when there was Vanessa William’s autograph on a separate frame as well. The diner-feel is particularly unique: it gives you a sense of being in a community of artists and Bohemians and stars in a chic and stylish old urban detail. For Manila art-junkies, think Penguin of Malate.

We each had Glor’s Hamburger Super Delux with all the works (for a whopping 100 bucks only!!!). It was a GLOR-ious afternoon with the Gleeorious people, indeed. Experience the vintage Iloilo and dine at Glor’s. Glor’s is located at Ledesma Street along Unitop block.

Hungry after some loot shopping (L-R): Kevin, Bimboy, Gabe, Yen, JR and Francis.

**Postscript: I have gathered from the staff of Glor’s Burger & Broadway Cafe named Bekbek that the owner’s mother named Glor passed away last week. Sympathies to the family. Glor’s Burger is one of the pioneer food landmarks of Iloilo and the Ilonggos are truly grateful.


  1. Jetyapjiz

    Bob I miss Try Me Deluxe! :)

  2. ging dimaano

    I miss Try me too! A very memorable place for me, I really have to visit it on my next vacation in Iloilo.

    • bobby

      Awww unfortunately Ging, Try Me is no longer in operation. But there are so many nice diners here in Iloilo that you might wanna visit… =) Let me know what your palate is craving so I can give you suggestions! =)

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