5 reasons why you should watch Gleeorious

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16 days from now, the curtains will rise for the biggest musical to ever hit Iloilo City, GLEEORIOUS. Primarily, this musical is a fund-raising endeavor for the Jaro Archdiocesan Vicariate Youth Ministers as the producers’ way of giving back to the church. Secondly of course, is to entertain. To be a part of this show as a choreographer and as a performer is thrilling. I’m thankful to be given this opportunity to contribute to the reawakening of the Iloilo theater scene which has been in slumber for quite some time now.

At the moment, we are already in the polishing stage and by next week we will be working on the technicals and costumes. This is the part when stress goes to an all-time high. But that’s also the reason why theater is so much fun. Those who tried theater for the first time would attest to the luring powers of theater. Theater is opium. You just want to do it again and again and again. The applause and the lights and the feeling of being at the center of the universe are things you cannot get by sitting in your office table counting money.

Watch Gleeorious. Why:

1. The repertoire is fantastic. It cuts across the board of several genres: pop, country, rnb, broadway, etc. And yes, the cast sings it very well. They were auditioned, in the first place.

2. The casting is impeccable. The actors look like they’re straight out of your TV. The characters that they portray fit them like Cinderella’s shoe.

3. The entertainment value is very high for kids and adults alike. The plot has a universal appeal that promotes moral values without being too preachy. You will leave the theater remembering a few things you will treasure.

4. This is legitimate theater. The production staff is composed of the most acknowledged set of artists in Iloilo who have accomplished so much. This is somehow proper education to theater — especially for the young audiences — because the elements put in as part of the show come from brilliant minds.

5. Be part of history. This is an all-Ilonggo cast who are from all sorts of background — students, professionals, bumming thespians, advocates, doctors, teachers, nurses, etc. With 40 shows lined up, wouldn’t you feel bad when everyone else have seen it and you have not? Unless you live in Olympus or something.

For tickets, please send us a message on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Gleeorious

Actors at work: Winston Lee (as Principal Figgins), Crista Sianson-Huyong (as Sue Sylvester) and myself (as Wil Schuester). Thanks to Carol Hondonero for the photo.

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  1. tristan

    wer and when sir? tgpila ang tickets? :)

  2. FG

    I can’t wait for the Sue and Wil banters, and of course, the whole chorus!!! Another Magnum Opus, im sure! :)

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