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Mar 11, 2011 by

I just need to blabber. My mind is a bit kaput today because of the series of events that kind of stressed me out. But first, the heavenly experience.

Wagyu Steak by Chef Kevin

My friends think I am an extreme snob when it comes to food. I plead guilty. Food for me is a panacea and I am one lucky bastard who has a chef in my midst. How can I ever get a bad evening when a beauty such as this greets me at the dinner table?

Then I get all sorts of weirdness — especially in UP. This is one of the scenes on the bus to Miagao that makes me dizzy in the morning:

Sponge for Pillows. Yes.

I’m also undergoing some serious work to protect myself as an artist because some people don’t see value in what I do (or what artists in general do), so they think that haggling is okay. Personally, I feel cheap when someone asks for an ayo (a hiligaynon term for haggle) especially on talent fees. When I meet clients who shamelessly hammer out a deal, I instantly make an impression that the person is just plain bastos (and not being a good businessman). I mean, I think it’s alright to wrangle at wet markets, or ukay-ukay, or at pirated DVD shops, but NEVER for talent fees. The rule is simple: If you cannot afford it, then don’t get it.

UPV happens to be so used to this trade. So whenever a proposal is submitted, budgets get cut because they make you JUSTIFY every freaking item. Why the lights? Why the technical requirements? Why the costumes? Why the number of days rehearsing? Why the food? Deep inside, I want to scream at them and make them feel how stupid they are. They want something nice and grand but they don’t like to spend reasonably. It’s a really pathetic mentality and I have resolved to the fact that I am happy just teaching and not create artistic outputs for them because anyway, I can do that somewhere else (with a fee that is in tact). Until someone in the administration can show confidence in their resident artists, then UP will be a dusty nook that is miles behind the flourishing universities in the area.


This weekend, the Ayala TechnoHub in Iloilo City will open and I was told that there will be a grand fanfare: street dancing, bands, and La Carlota Drumbeaters. Must be fun, so will check it out. In this photo, you will see my friends Moniq and Cristabel inspecting the vicinity about a month ago.

The hacienderas


  1. hi bobby. i would like to be able to communicate w/U. To begin with, i’d like to send u a copy of my speech at THE OUTSTANDING WOMEN OF ILOILO awarding ceremony last april 7.In it i talked about opportunities for social developing hablon & helping miagao..& other possibilities in our city. Maybe some people may be moved to undertake such socially oriented projects & think up somemore. I also teach in UP, c of business in diliman,am the wife of the Chairman of the Paraw regatta & kevin piamonte’s aunt.most of all, we share a love for Iloilo. congratulations on ur most entertaining blog. regards

    • bobby

      Hi Ma’am Vicki! I would be so delighted to publish your speech if this blog could serve as a channel to inspire Ilonggos to come together and make Iloilo a more wonderful city than it already is. Kindly email to me your piece through Again, thank you very much for taking time in visiting and reading — best regards to you and to Sir Manny.

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