First 20 Hours in Hong Kong

Dec 31, 2012 by

As some of you might know, I am in Hong Kong, where winter clothes are most appropriate at this time of the year. I have decided to send the New Year’s Eve here since there is now a direct flight — thanks to Cebu Pacific — from my very own City of Iloilo to where I am now.

Our flight from Iloilo was expected to depart at 11.20 PM, so technically, we must check in a day in advance. It was a rather peaceful process of checking in at the Iloilo Airport; except for that one lady at the Travel Tax Counter who didn’t have change for our payment and asked us to find loose change ourselves. I spewed few instantaneous invectives and good thing she didn’t aggravate me. We took off on time, with a relatively relaxed plane the skimmed our way to HK for about 2.25 hours.

HK is verrrry cold. It’s absolutely fun to don up winter clothes on with a few layers of stuff. When we got clearance from the HK Immigration, our good friend Jam brought us to our hotel at Wan Chai District (near Causeway Bay & Times Square). As we passed by some of the bars in the area, a few good standing men were still working up their drinks. The place isn’t as sleazy as the one I used to stay at Tsim Sha Tsui, but of course the price difference would tell you so. We were sleepy beyond words, so at some point I guess I wasn’t the warmest friend to Jam upon seeing the nice cozy room and the warm, comforting bed seducing me to sleep without too much drama.

I woke up this morning at 8.30 and hurriedly fixed up for breakfast. We walked the corners of our block and we found a nice hole-in-a-wall kitchenette. We ordered congee with preserved egg and beef strips. The warm bowl of congee was truly a perfect way to combat he freezing wind blowing us quivering. After breakfast, we continued to walk around and shopped for some goodies. Our first day of shopping has already cost us a fortune! But no one’s complaining. We’ve got very good finds and we’re just thinking of it as indeed, a happy new year.

Then the ultimate event of the day came when we found a cinema that was showing Les Miserables. We had seizures due to inexplicable excitement. We were scheduled to watch the 2.05 screening so we hurriedly got lunch in the area after a few more rounds of shopping — Times Square, Sogo, Empire Group, etc.

Then the movie happened. I was so frustrated I couldn’t tweet about it because I can’t find some wifi hotspots nearby. But mind you, my full review is coming up and you must watch out for it.

After bawling our hearts out inside the cinema, we walked back to our hotel. A splendid 30 minutes walk under the winter breeze with people of interesting fashion mix indulged our senses. Truly, we are somewhere else.

We will be celebrating our countdown tonight at the Times Square area where the big ball will be dropped. I’m as excited as everyone else around here because of the parties that are in store for tonight. We will be working our way around from here to Lan Kwai Fong til sun up. In the meantime, I’m in the warm confines of my hotel room with the bustling view of Lockhart Road below. Will hit the road for the New Year’s Revelry at 9 PM.

I hope that you guys are having a wonderful time tonight in celebrating New Year’s Eve. While we celebrate life and thank the Mayans for being wrong, let’s not forget to spend a quick while in reflecting about how else we can make our 2013 an even better one than 2012. Here’s to a wonderful life. Cheers!



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  1. how cold sir bob? i will be there on the 4th of Jan and I wanna bring light jacket only. hahahah.

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