Finally, Coron

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The airport is surrounded by mountains. It is the only man-made structure in sight when you touch down in Coron. Entering the arrivals area, were are asked to fill in an arrival card as if we have come from another country.

This is Coron that I have finally come to discover. I have long heard about this island in Palawan. And if Palawan is considered as the Philippine’s last frontier, and if it is possible to push the idea further, Coron may just be the farthest of the last.

From the airport to the town proper we drive through what seems to be bypass roads through farm lands. In the restaurant where we had lunch, we are told that Coron does not have any specialty dish. Six is usually dinner time and seven is considered late evening. So is eight the midnight in Coron? At this time of the year there is no electricity from 6:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M.

The road to the boat station to Club Paradise is the opposite direction from the town. We pass by the airport again. The road is like the road to Boracay of yesteryears. It is unpaved and rough and threateningly endless. Mountains are never-ending brown. A huge fire because of kaingin along the way licks and eats a mountainside. If the car breaks down along the road we will either wait for something or nothing. At least, hope for some miracle.

The road to Club Paradise seemed like a set for Jeepers Creepers.


The boat trip to Club Paradise is 45 minutes. The boatman tells us waves can lash higher than the pumpboat. In a while we get to the island. The sand is pristine white and slopes down to a shoreline that merges into a refreshingly crystal clear water that reflects the azure sky. It is the Boracay of yesteryears. We didn’t get to Club Paradise by some miracle. It is meant to be, finally.

The amazing beauty of Coron, Palawan

The island is quiet. People, if ever they talk, speak in almost inaudible decibels. At night we only hear the wind and the waves and the occasional strumming of guitars by the resort staff. Our room has a veranda that overlooks a lagoon where occasionally an unassuming iguana presents itself. There’s no TV in our room. The walls are bare. The beds are narrow and we get one pillow each. The water from the shower is salty. I learned each room costs US$200.00. I screamed. And the island came alive, finally.


The US$ 200 room

Reason why the town is called Coron. Coron is a local term for clay pot.

The buffet table serves tempura, tenderloin steak, herbed chicken, lamb curry and roast beef – none that I cannot have at home. It is the same set they serve everyday. On. day three, I leave the island and head for the town. 724 steps await us at Mount Tapyas. We start the climb to the giant cross. The view from the top is breathtakingly sacred. No matter what, adventures like these are manas from heaven. Grateful, we fly home. Finally and at last.


The 400th (out of 724) steps climbing Mount Tapyas' top.

The view from the top of Mt Tapyas

The hills are alive.

The author on top of Mt Tapyas

Patience is a virtue.

Patience is a virtue. Again.

This must be how God looks at his creation: the view from the plane overlooking the islands of Coron and the reefs surrounding it.

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  1. Agnes

    Hi!! Impressive guid ang beauty ka CORON. Wish ko lang maka kadto man ako to soon… ;) Just would like to ask how did you guys get there?? I mean transportation wise, ano gin sakyan nyo? Plane from Manila to Coron or pwede man Iloilo – Puerto Princesa then by land to Coron? Thanks in advance sa pag reply! ;)

    • bobby

      Hi Agnes! Sorry for the uber late reply… Been away for sometime. Going to Coron, we took the Cebu Pacific to Busuanga. Then 45 minutes by van to the port then 40 minutes by boat to that island resort. But you can also opt to take the route from Puerto Princesa by land but it’s verrrry far. Like 6 hours drive. :)

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